Red Rake Gaming secures license for Greek market

Red Rake Gaming secures license for Greek market

The rapidly growing Greek market is beginning to attract more and more online casino businesses since they had their online gambling bill passed by the government this year.


As a result, it has swiftly led to an influx of license applications from operators and software providers alike. Greece has almost become the latest country that could become a hotbed for online gambling over the next couple of years and its proximity to Malta, which is one arguably the epicentre for the industry could be very beneficial.


Incidentally, Red Rake Gaming operates out of offices in Malta (and Spain), and, having been founded in 2011, has quietly been growing over the last decade. 

Who are Red Rake Gaming?

While the company might not be the most well-known, Red Rake Gaming now operates in 10 different markets around the world and have earned a reputation for producing slot and casino games that can be considered more ‘outside of the box’.


Boasting some of the best design and programming knowledge in the industry, mainly because of having access to prime talent, Red Rake Gaming has built up a solid relationship with online gambling firms.


With a knack for creating games that are perhaps more innovative and edgy, such as Alchemy Ways, Max Dangerous and Lost Relics, their different approach to game development has been a breath of fresh air and because of this, it has only contributed to the magnetism of their brand.


Nick Barr who is the managing director of Red Rake Gaming, has greeted the latest news with encouragement and enthusiasm, indicating that the regulated Greek market will help the reach of their clients and also what they are able to offer.


Part of the company’s strategy in terms of securing a license for Greece is going to be sympathetic to the market. This means that they plan to do a significant amount of research where new game development is concerned so that they can make sure that customers will be interested in what they offer.


While Greece has been in receipt of many different license applications from operators outside of the country, there are also homegrown operator brands in the country and as a result, it is likely that Red Rake’s commercial strategy will be more aligned to this organic approach, servicing local brands of the country.

A shake-up to slot development?

Arguably one of the most popular themes for slot games is based around Ancient Greece, however, Red Rake’s entry into the Greek market could see them really make improvements to this niche.


Should they think about such a theme, they will likely need to do as much accurate research as possible, while still remaining true to its roots of being original. Appealing to the local market and understanding their behaviours is going to be key for Red Rake Gaming, particularly if they go down the route of working with Greek casino brands.


It also presents Red Rake Gaming a great opportunity to substantially increase its slot portfolio, particularly if they make the Ancient Greek theme their own for example, as far as slot development is concerned.