Betway in Buenos Aires after license approval

Betway in Buenos Aires after license approval

It appears to all be happening for Betway right now, with the operator having secured a number of deals recently that will only help with the brand’s growth.


One of the things that it has been considerably busy with is moving into new markets - Latin America being particularly conducive to the board room’s appetite.


Since Buenos Aires - the Argentine capital passed online gambling laws, it has attracted a number of operators from all around the world, with each one needing to have a land-based partner in the city. 


The latest brand to launch in the city is Betway, with the Super Group-owned operator securing a partnership with its partner in the city, Bingo Pilar.

Buenos Aires set to become thriving market

Over the last few months, the city has seen an influx of foreign operators apply for licenses, indicating that this could be one market to watch over the next few years. While there is no doubt that online gambling is becoming big in Argentina, the two gambling bills that were passed for Buenos Aires unlock a major sector of the potential market.


All across South America, we have seen countries such as Brazil and Colombia become an attractive proposition for operators which have recognised the vast possibilities that exist over the next few years.


As a result, there is set to be a significant amount of investment going into the industry in Buenos Aires, as we have already seen from the number of land-based operators that have secured deals with the online operators that are now available to customers there.


For Betway, this certainly represents a great opportunity to further strengthen its brand in a new market, though will face stiff competition, from the likes of UK operator, Bet365 which has already put foundations in place.

Any other markets on the agenda for Betway?

Having built a reputation for the way it has increased its presence in major markets over the last few years, the firm will no doubt have identified others to operate in around the world. While LATAM certainly provides a lot of opportunities, Betway has also recently entered Canada, following Ontario’s regulation of its province which is set to become another major land grab in the online gambling industry.


Other European markets will no doubt be on the agenda, as well as trying to take some share of the highly lucrative US online gambling industry that is becoming increasingly competitive. 


Up until now, Betway has stayed clear of any major merger and acquisition activity, though this may become a priority over the next few months, especially for strategic purchases in markets where it wants to make a splash. 


If it can become one of the top three firms in Buenos Aires over the next year, then it will be in a great position to use this as a springboard for other LATAM markets that it is yet to launch in.