Ride the waves of the Poseidon slot game

Ride the waves of the Poseidon slot game

Entertainment and education, all stacked into one comprehensive slot game, brings you Poseidon, courtesy of Asian-based software provider C09 Gaming. Exceedingly fast-paced, there is plenty to like about this action-packed slot title. 


Taking inspiration from one of the most interesting historical themes - that of Greek mythology, this focuses on the ‘God of the Sea’, Poseidon. An almost tsunami of features awaits you, when you enter the game, which will leave you with a keen sense of excitement and intrigue. 


Set on a backdrop of Poseidon's underwater palace, surrounded by historical architectural pillars, this really helps to paint a highly artistic picture illustrated with a highly attractive burst of colour. 

What are the different features that await you?

With 720 different ways to win, the Poseidon slot is arguably one of the most versatile and creative games that has been released in recent times and certainly appeals to a player’s sense of adventure. 


Poseidon himself is also a consistent presence throughout your gameplay experience, which acts as an illuminating addition and certainly helps to add to the general mood of the slot. 


Bursting with bonuses galore, including multiple free spin rounds, wilds and triggers, you can also bet from 50 to 30,000 coins at a time, which makes for a very healthy potential payout. 


Getting a wild will substitute for any symbol, with the exception of a scatter, though these pay between one and 30 times your principal stake, making this an alluring possibility. Various symbols also yield attractive payout amounts, particularly sea creatures, such as the octopus and the shark. You can also win a consecutive 100 free spins at a time!

Overall verdict of Poseidon

If you are looking for an exciting yet different slot experience, then Poseidon definitely delivers. 


The theme of the slot offers a considerable amount of intrigue as well, with striking graphics which look almost insatiable via a mobile device. 


Regardless of whether you are a seasoned slot enthusiast or are new to playing, Poseidon suits either type of player, though it is also worth having an idea of how the slot works first.