Get the Bullseye with Fire Archer

Get the Bullseye with Fire Archer

Looking to really hit the target with a slot? Then look no further than Pragmatic Play’s Fire Archer, who have really delivered on point with this far-reaching slot that considerably makes an impact. 


The software provider really has turned up the heat with this slot title that ignites even the least enthusiastic of slot players looking to bring a little excitement to their lives.


If you really want to be on target with your online casino experience, then the all-encompassing Fire Archer slot should really refocus your expectations and leave

you in absolutely no doubt at all that this can be the one for you and refocus your slot goals.  

Unleash the Robin Hood within You

Perhaps symbolic of a little bit of the fabled folk hero, particularly with the graphics, right of the reels, you will certainly want to be hoping that this slot takes from the richer and gives to the rest. 


A five reel-five row slot, this classic also comes with 50 possible paylines that can ensnare your ambitions and certainly inspire your deepest inhibitions. And, you know, guess what? Yes, that’s right, a five of a kind winning line lands you with the opportunity to case the kessef with a significant payload up for grabs.


Also, you’re not going to believe this, but here it is - you can win an eye-watering 30 times your principal when you land a line of five matching symbols, while landing a quiver of three scatter symbols can unlock rewards that are too mouthwatering for words - spins that can produce unprecedented rewards. 

Should you take a shot at Fire Archer

Fans of Robin Hood can be forgiven for thinking that this could be like the blockbuster movie in many respects, though it does have a number of selling points, as highlighted above. What does work in its favour, is that Pragmatic Play is one of the most respected software providers in the industry and are well known for their quality of slots.


If you are looking for a movie-based slot, then this is certainly one for you and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed!