Free spins bonus

Free spins bonus

Free spins are the holy grail for casino players who enjoy playing video slots. With video slots becoming one of the most popular ways to play for Indian players, a free spin bonus is something that a lot of players are looking out for these days. There are a lot of different things to know about free spins bonuses, which is why we have put together a guide to help you understand everything you need to know.

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What’s a free spins bonus?

A free spins bonus is a reward that is given to a player that allows them to play a video slot for free. They are usually awarded as a specific number of spins, set at a specific value for use on a specific video slot. An example of this would be 100 free spins worth 1 rupee each to be used on Starburst. They can be awarded in a number of different ways and video slot players tend to look forward to them the most.

How does it work?

There are three main ways that a free spins bonus can be awarded to players. The first way is the most common way that they can be awarded. This is through a welcome bonus. Here players are usually awarded a number of free spins when they make their first deposit, often alongside a matched bet bonus. The number of spins offered usually sits between 20 and 200, although casinos can offer even more depending on the size of the deposit made. The spins will most often have a time limit placed on them. This means that players will need to use the free spins in a certain amount of time or they will lose them.

The second way that they can be awarded to players is as a no deposit bonus. This is most often given on sign up to the site. So when players sign up they will be given a number of free spins to use. The number is normally around 20, but on small occasions more can be offered. There is also a time limit applied to no deposit free spins.

The final way that players can be awarded free spins is through regular promotions. These are often seasonal promotions, for example a Christmas promotion. Players can be awarded spins either through deposits that they have made to the casino or the value of wagers that they have placed. They can also be awarded when you play on a specific video slot at a specific time. These free spins will also have a time limit on them.

Do all casinos offer them?

Almost all online casinos offer free spins bonuses in some way or form. This means that every Indian player will have the opportunity to earn free spins for their account. It’s also worth remembering that almost every free spin bonus has a time limit applied to it, so you will have to make sure you use your spins within that time.

Most free spins will also have a cashout limit applied to them. This means that the winnings you earn have a maximum amount they can get up to. For example, a cashout limit of 500 rupees would mean that any wins over the value of 500 rupees wouldn’t be credited to the player account.

How are wagering requirements applied?

The wagering requirements for free spins are always applied to the winnings that you earn from the spins. So if you receive 500 spins worth 1 rupee each, the wagering requirements would be applied to the value of the winnings and not the 500 rupees the spins were worth. This can be both a positive and a negative. If you win more than 500 rupees then you will have to wager more, but if you only win 300 rupees then you will have to wager less.

If the wagering requirements were 15 times for the winning and you had won 300 rupees then your wagering requirements would 4,500 rupees. There is often a time limit in place for when the wagering requirements have to be achieved for winnings from free spins.

Should I take a free spins bonus?

It depends on what games you play as to whether you take a free spins bonus or not. If you really enjoy video slots then taking a free spins bonus would definitely be a good choice for you. As there are a lot of Indian players who enjoy video slots then it would make sense to a lot of players to take the bonus.

What you will also need to take into account is whether you think you will use the spins in the time limit. If you don’t intend to play very often after being given the bonus then you might not be able to use them within the time limit. However, if you feel that you will be able to use the spins easily then a free spins bonus would definitely be a good choice for you.

The wagering requirements are something else that you should take into account. Look into whether you think you can achieve it, if you think you can then they are an excellent bonus.