Casino bonus

Casino bonus

Casino bonuses and promotions are something that online casinos have introduced over the last ten years to help them bring in new customers. These can range from very small bonuses to large rewards that help players to increase the size of their bankroll. What kinds of bonuses are there on offer to players though? And what do the casino want in return?

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Welcome bonuses

These are the most common kind of bonus that are on offer to players. They are given when players first sign up to a casino. Most often they are offered as a matched bet to players. This means that when players make a deposit at a casino they will be given a percentage of their deposit back as extra cash to place bets.

For example if there was a 100% welcome bonus on offer, players who deposited 5,000 rupees would receive an additional 5,000 rupees as bonus amount. This would take their total bankroll up to 10,000 rupees.

Welcome bonuses can sometimes include free spins as well as a matched bet. These free spins are worth nothing in terms of money, but any winnings created from them will be credited to your account.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the most desired of all bonuses. They give players a bonus without a deposit being needed. It means that they are essentially given for free. They most often consist of free spins but can sometimes be awarded as a cash bonus.

Cash back bonus

A cash back bonus will give a percentage of losses back to your casino account. This amount can go up to 10% of one month losses.

Free spin bonus

Free spins bonuses can be awarded as part of the welcome bonus, but they are often given through regular promotions as well. For example, when you place wagers of 500 rupees, you will be awarded 10 free spins.

The free spins are free games on a video slot. They are usually offered on specific slot games, but sometimes players are given a free choice to use them.

High roller bonus

High roller bonuses are usually awarded for players who place large bets regularly. They can also come through the VIP programs that are included at casinos. This means that the more often you use your account and the more points that you build up the more rewards you are given.

These can consist of cashback awards, matched bets, free spins and even prizes. This is a bonus that is designed to persuade players to play more regularly. It can offer quite impressive rewards when players get to the top tier of the reward system.

Wagering requirements

Almost all bonuses are subject to wagering requirements. This is the number of times that the bonus that is awarded has to be played through before a withdraw can be made. The wagering requirements usually sit between 20 and 60 times your bonus amount. Some wagering requirements also include the deposit amount in with their calculations.

For example if the wagering requirements were set at 30 times your bonus amount and you receive 500 rupees as your bonus, then you would need to wager 15,000 rupees before you can withdraw any winnings you made from your bonus.

The reason that wagering requirements are put in place is to stop players from taking a bonus and then just withdrawing it from the account without playing any of the games.

Why use a casino bonus?

A casino bonus allows you to increase the size of your bankroll without having to make any extra deposits. It means that more aggressive bankroll management strategies can be carried out without having to deposit the large sums some of them need. It also means that higher stakes games might be available to players which they wouldn’t have been able to play previously.

A free spins bonus will also allow players to play video slots for longer. This will help when it comes to grabbing larger wins. The reason behind this is because in general larger wins come along when players have been playing for longer.

Why not to use a casino bonus?

Not everyone will ever be able to go through the wagering requirements. It depends on your playing strategy and the games that you play. As such you should always make sure you check whether a casino bonus is a benefit to you before you take one.

How to get a casino bonus?

Most bonuses are applied without having to do anything. For example a welcome bonus is awarded when you sign up and make your first deposit. However, some casinos do have additional steps that need to be taken before a bonus can be awarded.

An example of this is a bonus code. Some casinos will only award a specific bonus is a bonus code is entered. This is similar to a voucher and will activate the bonus. Some casinos will also require players to opt into the bonus before they award it. This means that a tick box will have to be checked in order to accept the bonus.