Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are applied to almost all bonuses that are awarded at online casinos. For experienced players at brick and mortar casinos, this is something that sounds alien. This is because wagering requirements don’t tend to come into play at brick and mortar casinos because they don’t offer promotions the way online casinos do. The reason that online casinos have to offer promotions is because there is such a huge level of competition on the market, so they need a way to stand out from the competition and bring in customers.

A lot of players think that wagering requirements are unfair but this is not the case. Wagering requirements are extremely important to ensure that casinos can stay in business and keep offering quality games to Indian players. Why is this and what exactly are they though?

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Why do casinos need wagering requirements?

p>To put it simply, they are needed to stop players from just walking away with a profit without even placing a bet. If wagering requirements weren’t in place then once a player had received their bonus then they could just withdraw it as cash and not have even placed a wager. Now, imagine if 10 players did that. How about 100. How about a million? Some casinos offer bonuses of over 50,000 rupees at a time. Imagine if a million players all took a 50,000 rupees bonus without ever playing a game.

It’s not as simple as players having to use the bonus cash to place a single bet either. There are a lot of wagers that are close to even money at casinos. This means that one single bet on an even money outcome could leave a player with double the bonus amount and being able to just withdraw it. Imagine if every player in India did that? All casinos would be out of business within a week if this was the case.

Wagering requirements ensure that players are given a generous bonus, but they also actually have to play with the bonus rather than just taking the money and running.

How do wagering requirements work?

There are two main ways that wagering requirements work for matched bonuses. The first way is based around the deposit amount. So, if you receive a bonus of 1,000 rupees after making your deposit and the wagering requirements are 35 times then you would need to make total wagers of 35,000 rupees before you could make your withdrawal.

Ther second way is linked to both the deposit and bonus amount. So if players make a deposit of 1,000 rupees and receives a bonus of 1,000 rupees with a wagering requirement of 25 times it means that 2,000 rupees in total will need to be wagered. This means 50,000 rupees will need to be wagered before a withdrawal can be made.

Wagering requirements can also be applied to free spins. These work slightly differently to a matched bonus though. Instead of the value of the free spins being put through the wagering requirements, it’s the winnings from the free spins that are created from the free spins. So if 300 rupees are won from the free spins then that is the value that will go forward for the wagering requirements.

How long do you have to carry out the wagering requirements?

This depends on the terms and conditions that are in place. Some online casinos will give players as much as 30 days to achieve their wagering requirements, some will only give 7 days. It’s important to check out the terms to ensure that you know this beforehand so that you definitely have the time to carry them out.

It’s very important to check this information because if you’re unable to get your wagering requirements completed then you will forfeit the bonus amount.

Do all games offer the same for wagering requirements?

No they don’t. Slots are usually the best game to play when it comes to working through your wagering requirements. This is because they will count the whole of your stake towards the requirements. Not all games will do this. Table games for example will usually offer a maximum of 10% towards your wagering requirements. Some online casinos won’t give Indian players any of the stake towards the requirements. Live casino games also tend to have low percentages.

Because of this, it’s important to check the terms and conditions in place so that you don’t try to make a withdrawal only to be turned down because you’ve been placing all of your wagers at the Blackjack table and are only 10% of the way there.

Working out the wagering requirements

It’s important that you work out your wagering requirements before you take your casino bonus. This is because you need to know how much you will have to wager before you can make a withdrawal. When combined with the time limit is in place you will have to know whether this is a realistic possibility. So ensure that you check out the terms and conditions and see exactly what you need to work with.