Privacy Policy

Because we operate within the realms of all regulations and legislations we have a privacy policy in place. This policy is to ensure that we conform with everything that is required of us. In order to use our website you automatically agree to the privacy policy that we currently have in place, if you do not agree with us processing your data then you cannot access the services that we have available.

We currently use Matomo in order to analyse and process all traffic that goes through our website. This is to help us craft the best user experience possible and continue to improve the quality of our site. We process your IP address when you visit our site and that data is stored as a cookie on your web browser for 13 months, however any tracking cookies that we use are deleted as soon as you leave our site. Only us and Matomo have access to this data and we will never use it for anything other than analysing the performance of our site.

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Data that we collect

There are three ways that your data is collected at our website. The first is through your viewing of the site. When you look at different pages your IP address, web browser, operating system and other identifiers will be collected by our analytic software. This cannot identify you personally and is only used to manage how we operate our site and to ensure we provide the best service possible.

The second way is through signing up to services that we may offer. So if you provide your name and email address we will have this information on our system. We will only use this information to provide you with information about our services and will never sell your details on to third parties for marketing reasons.

The final way is if you leave a comment on one of our pages. This information will also be kept private and won’t be passed on to any third parties with marketing intentions.

Times we will share with third parties

There may be times when we do have to share your details with third parties. This will only ever be a last resort and will never be to marketing companies. An example of this is if law enforcement require details in order to carry out an investigation of fraud or another crime. In this situation we would pass on your details in order to ensure the investigation can be carried out in full.


There are also cookies in place on our website. These will track your visit and other information about the system that you have used to visit our site. This information may be processed by our advertising partners in order to show the most relevant advertisements to you on our site. You can opt out of receiving cookies by using a cookie blocker and will still be able to access our website. There may also be cookies used by the advertisement providers that we use. How they process that data is not covered by our privacy policy and will be fully covered in their own policy.

Keeping you safe

We use the highest quality web security technology available in order to make sure that your visit to our site is a pleasant one. We use Secure Socket Layer technology to make sure that hackers cannot access the data that we store and to give you an additional piece of mind when using our service.

How online casinos use your data

Online casinos will have similar privacy policies in place when you use their services. One of the first ways that they stand out from other sites is that they use data encryption in order to make sure that even if hackers get hold of the data they store, they will be unable to use it properly.

Casinos will also have their own privacy policy in place which will inform you as to whether they will sell on your data or not. The vast majority won’t, but it is always worth checking just to be sure. This will ensure that you are covered and that your data is safe when you choose a casino to play with.

The regulators that the casino you choose to play at will also have an impact. For example, if the regulator is within the EU then EU restrictions on how data can be handled will be in place. If the regulator is within another area then the restrictions of that area will be in place. This means that depending on where the regulator for your casino is based there could be stricter laws in operation at different casinos. This is something else that’s worth looking into before you make your choice.

What is always important to check is that the casino you use is regulated in some way. If there is no regulation in place then they might not be trustworthy and their privacy policy might not be fully reliable.