Live casino

Live casino

Live casino games are one of the newest innovations that have come to online casinos in India. They allow players to enjoy a live dealer experience without having to visit an actual casino. It uses top of the line studio technology and high speed streaming to offer players a realistic gaming experience. The live dealers are all real people who are being filmed, the way the game works is that they interact with the choices that you make through the game software. It’s a highly immersive way of playing and offers a more social way of playing online casino games.

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What exactly is the live casino?

Playing at a live casino is like a mix of real life casino play and online casino play. You control your games through the software that’s on offer at your casino of choice. Just like you would on a regular online casino game. There is a difference though, the actions aren’t carried out by the software. There is a live dealer at the other end of the connection who carries out your every instruction. They are located in a studio where HD cameras film them and then stream the action to your computer.

It means that players can see and hear everything that the dealer is doing and it allows them to feel more connected with what’s going on. One of the biggest developers of live casino games is Evolution Gaming. They have spent a lot of money developing high quality software and putting together an incredible state of the art studio. This gives players the ability to see exactly what is going on at the other end with crystal clear clarity. There are no more pixelated images like in the early days of internet streaming. All of the images are perfect.

It means that players are able to enjoy the live casino experience to the absolute maximum. It’s as close to experiencing a real casino in your own home as it gets.

Positives of live casinos

Some players don’t like not being able to see what is going on with the game. They don’t fully trust the software and feel more comfortable with a human operating it. Live casino games means that players are able to play in their own homes but get the added bonus of seeing a real life dealer carry out every operation. It gives players a sense of trust about the game.

The immersion that a live casino game provides is also fantastic. Players can become more engaged with a live casino game than they would be with a standard casino title. This is because they can interact with the dealer and see the dealer reacting to the moves that they make. It makes a live dealer casino a more social type of online casino. This allows players to feel more connected with the game and less like they are playing in a robotic fashion.

Live dealer casinos also give players different choices to standard casino games, such as the current influx of gameshow style titles that are very popular with Indian players right now.

Negatives of live casinos

In order to play a live casino effectively players really need a fast internet connection. If your connection is slow then you may suffer issues with the quality of the picture, the quality of the sound or both. It might also cause some lagging with the video. This doesn’t make for a good experience. While the live casino service is superb when it’s working right, if your internet connection isn’t good enough to handle it then you should probably steer clear of using it.

It also can make some people nervous. While the live dealer can’t see what you are doing at your end, some people are still paranoid and it ruins the experience slightly for them.

What games are on offer?

The live casino library of titles that are on offer is quite extensive. When it first started out it was just a few card game options. Over time this has steadily increased for two reasons. The demand has increased and the technology makes it much easier to offer this service to players. The first kind of live casino game that is on offer to players is live Blackjack. This works the same as standard Blackjack, except it offers a shoe of cards like you would find in a real casino. You place your wagers, tell the dealer you decisions and see how the game works. It’s as simple as that.

Live dealer Roulette is also on offer to players. This gives the opportunity to see the ball spinning properly inside the wheel. While online Roulette is worked out using a random number generator, live Roulette is a real game of Roulette with an actual spinning wheel. This gives players the satisfaction of seeing the ball land in the slot.

There is also live Baccarat available. This puts players right into the seat and allows them to place the wagers they like when playing a game. You can see every move that the dealer makes and it’s the next best thing to being in the casino.

Finally, the gameshow titles that are on offer give players something different. These are titles such as Dream Catcher, which is similar to Wheel of Fortune. This is a great title for Indian players who want to play a live casino game but feel like something different. Now also Andar Bahar live has come to a few online casinos.