Live baccarat

Live baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most famous card games of all time. It’s been featured in movies many times and is known as a high class card game. Many Indian players are used to playing Baccarat purely with software versions. With the introduction of live casino games, the ability to play a proper live dealer game of Baccarat is finally available to all. With HD visuals and super fast streaming live Baccarat is a game that you have to play to truly understand. So, what is there to know about playing live Baccarat?

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How to play

When it comes to playing Baccarat, you don’t actually do any playing. It’s not like Blackjack where you carry out instructions in order to try and beat the dealer. In Baccarat the dealer acts as both the player and the banker. This means that the only choice you have to make is who you are going to bet on to win.

In order to start playing live Baccarat your first step is to find the right online casino for you. Once you’ve registered and logged in, now it’s time to find your live Baccarat title. Search through the live casino options and then you will be able to start playing. Load the title up and get ready.

The basic premise of Baccarat is you bet on who you think will win. There are three basic wagers that you can make. Player wins, banker wins or a tie. Player and banker wagers both pay out even money. However, the banker does often have a 5% commission in place due to betting on the house. There are sometimes no commission versions of live Baccarat available so if you intend to place a wager on the banker quite regularly then it’s worth searching for this version.

The tie game pays out 8/1 in most versions of live Baccarat. This is the least chosen wager, even though it pays out the most. This is because it tends to be very rare that a tie occurs. There are also sometimes side bets on offer to players which will be shown in the interface. These can be things like betting on how many cards will be drawn altogether. Not all live Baccarat games offer these so if you don’t see them, there is no need to worry.

Once you’ve chosen your bet the game will be played out. If you win then your winnings will automatically be paid out. If you lose then the software will instantly collect your stake. All bets are placed through the menus on the screen, which makes it incredibly easy to play live Baccarat.

Differences between live Baccarat and offline Baccarat

The main difference between live Baccarat and offline Baccarat is that you won’t have trouble finding a table to play live Baccarat. Offline Baccarat is one of the most popular games in the casino. This means that the tables fill up very fast. Live Baccarat doesn’t have this problem because the software providers always make sure that the servers can handle additional players.

It’s also much more convenient to play live Baccarat than offline Baccarat. You don’t have to travel to a casino, you don’t have to dress smart and you can play it at any time of day. These are all things that aren’t available with offline Baccarat. On top of this, there are also much lower minimum stakes for live Baccarat. This makes the barrier to entry a lot lower and gives Indian players a much better chance of being able to play live Baccarat within their budget.

Differences between live Baccarat and normal online Baccarat

The differences between live Baccarat and standard online Baccarat are a little bit more subtle. A lot of the benefits are the same for both of these types. However, there are some differences that stand out. The first is there is a real dealer. You can see the dealer with your own eyes and if you think it’s pre-recorded then you can even use a chat room feature to talk to the dealer. The dealer will interact with what you say which proves that it is truly live.

There is also the added bonus that it uses real cards rather than an algorithm to sort them. This means that players who are less trusting of software can see that the cards are truly being dealt for each game.

Reasons to play live Baccarat

Playing live Baccarat is one of the most enjoyable online casino experiences there is. Indian players can feel just like James Bond in the comfort of their own home. It offers ease of use and the current technology is absolutely state of the art. As long as your internet connection is fast enough then you will be able to experience perfect live dealer Baccarat without having to move from your sofa.