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Online casinos have become one of the most popular gambling methods in India over the last few years. The ease of use, wide game choice and excellent bonuses are all aspects that have helped players to begin seeing exactly what online casinos can offer for them. There are a huge range of online casinos available to Indian players now that make it incredibly easy to pick a great place to play....

All of the casinos that we recommend are fully regulated which ensures that they conform to the security measures that are required of them. On top of this they provide top class bonuses and an incredible selection of casino games. Everything from the most popular video slots to the most advanced table games are available for Indian players.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Is it legal for me to play at an online casino?

    Although operating an online casino from within the territory of India is illegal, it’s completely legal for you to play at an online casino. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble if you decide to play at an offshore online casino.

  • What regulators should I look out for?

    The three main regulators on the market are from the UK, Malta and Sweden. All three of these regulators are seen as being very strict with the legislations that they apply. This means that if one of these three regulators have offered a licence to the casino you want to use then there is a high probability that they are trustworthy.

  • Can I play online with my mobile device?

    Playing with your mobile device is possible at most online casinos. While some of the older games might not be available due to compatibility issues, the vast majority of newer titles will be available to Indian players. Even the live casino can be used on mobile devices.

  • What games do online casinos offer to Indian players?

    The same as any other online casino around the world. This includes the standard casino table games that you would expect at any kind of casino. Games like Blackjack and Roulette are available under this specification. There are also live dealer versions of all of these titles. Players can also play video slots, which are different variations on classic slot machine titles.

  • Is it safe to play at an online casino?

    The levels of safety that have been put in place in modern online casinos make them some of the safest around. They use the highest level of SSL protocols and include a range of other security features. Payment methods also have similar levels of security to ensure that players are protected at every level of usage.

  • Is it possible to play for real money?

    Playing for real money is possible at all online casinos. While this does offer a risk, it is the only way to walk away from an online casino while making a profit.

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Is it Safe to Play at an Online Casino?

This all depends on what your definition of safe is. In terms of making a deposit and your money and identity being safe, then playing at an online casino is incredibly safe. There have been massive steps forward in online security over the last five years. Payment methods on the internet are much more secure and safe in the modern world. This is because online transactions are being used for more things than ever before, online shopping is even getting close to being the most popular method of shopping. Because of this surge in online payments being made, payment firms have had to tighten up their security in order to keep the trust of their customers. Online casinos have been a big beneficiary of this because the payment methods that they use have become more secure, but also their own website security has become more secure at the same time. This means that making a payment at an online casino is safer than it has ever been.

If you mean is there a chance you will lose your money when playing the casino games, then yes there is a possibility of that. The risk of making a loss is all part and parcel of gambling. However, this isn’t something that you can lay at the feet of the casino and if you do make a loss when playing it is all down to your own bankroll management style.

Best Casino Bonuses

Choosing to play at Indian casino will give you the opportunity to collect some of the best casino bonuses around. In a stark contrast to playing at a brick and mortar casino there are regular promotions on offer that will allow you to add to your playing ability without having to increase your deposit level. This is why it’s important to make sure you check through as many promotions as possible in order to find a casino that will offer you the best value.

The ability to increase your bankroll will offer you the chance to carry out more bankroll management strategies, without having to go over your preset budget. On top of this it will also give you the opportunity to withstand a losing streak. This increases your ability to make a profit when playing at an Indian online casino.

One massively important aspect of using an online casino bonus is checking the terms and conditions. There can sometimes be aspects of the bonus that aren’t as positive as you first thought. It’s important to check over these terms so that you are able to ensure you are getting the full benefit from them. Most Indian online casinos will offer a promotion or bonus, so it’s vital to make sure they give you quick access to the bonus funds and don’t require you to go way over your budget in order to gain them. It’s also important to get the lowest wagering requirements that you possibly can.

Getting Started at Online Casinos in India

There are a few different steps that you have to take when you first begin playing at an Indian online casino. This how to guide will be very useful for beginner players who have never played at an online casino before. Part of the reason behind confusion for players is that online casinos offer different methods for signing up and starting to play than brick and mortar casinos. As such, it’s important to make sure that you follow these steps so that you can find the best online casino and play in the safest possible manner.

Why Should I Trust this Site?

Placing your trust in us is the best thing you can do in regards to choosing an online casino to play at. We have been involved in the iGaming industry for many years, as such we have vast amounts of experience when it comes to knowing what to look for in a quality casino. We have used this experience to curate a top level list of the best casinos for players in India.

What’s the Big Deal with Live Casinos?

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Live casinos are one of the newer developments that have come into play for online casinos. They offer players the ability to play their favourite table games in an environment that is designed to mimic a real life casino. It achieves this by playing a live video stream of a dealer, who will then take the player through the process of playing the game. These are on offer for Indian players on most table games. This includes: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and even special game shows that have been developed specifically for online casinos.

The live casino games use special software that allows the player to interact with the dealer. This means that the player can message the dealer through the live chat box and then the dealer can reply over the video stream. The only real limit that’s in place when it comes to using a live casino game is how fast your internet is. Because the video streams at HD, it can require a fast internet stream otherwise the picture can lose quality or the sound can be out of sync with the visuals.

Is Gambling in India Legal?

Online gambling is a very young industry within India at the moment. Currently, no online casinos can be offered from within India itself, that would be illegal. However, it is perfectly legal for online casinos from outside of the territory to offer their services. These are known as offshore casinos. Because they’re not operational from within India, it’s important to really focus on the licences they hold. If they already hold licences with other regulators then customers know that they can trust them, even if they’re not regulated by an Indian gambling organisation. There is only one thing that an offshore casino has to offer in order for Indian players to use their services and that is that Indian Rupees must be a payment method. While you won’t be fined for gambling with an online casino that’s not based in India, players who use Indian based online casinos can face a fine.

Land Based Gambling in India

There are currently only three states in the whole of India that have legalised gambling venues. These are: Daman, Goa and Sikkim. There is currently just one casino in Daman, but there are rumours that another could follow soon. In Goa there are currently 10 casinos, four of them are river based casinos which gives them some added flair. Sikkim is similar to Goa in that it currently has two land based casinos.