Slots are one of the most common types of games you will see at Indian online casinos. There are a huge number of different slots that are released almost on a daily basis. This is because the majority of software developers devote most of their time to creating slots. As such Indian casinos are full of a huge number of video slots, making it one of the most popular genres of games on the market.

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Game Rules

The rules for video slots are relatively simple. You have to choose your stake, spin the reels and wait to see if a win is created. For the player, it’s really that simple. There is a little bit more going on under the hood of a video slot though.

The first slightly complicated aspect is the paylines. These are invisible lines that are across the reels of the game. Whenever identical symbols land on these lines then a win is created. The game calculates these automatically and then pays out any wins that you are able to create.

Next up are the bonus symbols that are included in the game. They work in different ways depending on the game. Some will award instant wins just by appearing on the reels. Others will activate bonus features that are included in the game. This is another aspect of the game that the player doesn’t have to worry about, it is just taken care of by the software.

Finally, there are a range of different bonuses that are on offer to players in video slots. These range from free spins modes to choosing games where Indian players can try to make the right choices to get to a big cash prize. These help to make modern video slots more engaging and exciting than classic fruit machines.

Slot Providers

There are a lot of different slot providers out there.The two biggest on the market are undoubtedly Microgaming and NetEnt. They both provide some of the most popular video slots to the biggest casinos on the market. Although they are the largest names on the block, this doesn’t mean that they are alone out there. In fact, some of the big titles that come from these two behemoths are created by independent studios that work underneath them. This allows for an intense release schedule to be carried out.

There are also a range of other software developers on the market who, while not as big as Microgaming and NetEnt, they are still well known brands within the industry. Providers such as Playtech, Blueprint Gaming, Red Tiger and Pragmatic Play all bring their own unique styles to the conversation. They all attempt to bring innovation to the market and this has shown massively over the last five years. Video slots have much more going on in the game than they did five years ago and the innovations and unique features just seem to keep coming.

No matter which slot provider that you like the best, it’s always worth Indian players trying out a range of different games. This will help to see what everyone has to offer and eventually find your favourite type of video slot.

Different Versions

There are a range of different variations on offer when it comes to video slots. The first main variation that players will come across is how the reels drop. Most of the reels just spin and stay in place during the game. However, there are also slots that use a feature called cascading reels. In these slots any winning lines that are created will be removed after the win is paid out, then more symbols fall onto the reels giving an extra chance to create wins.

There are also slots that have massive gaps with the number of paylines. There are slots that players in India can enjoy that have just one payline. Then there are slots that offer more than 16,000 paylines. This big difference can be the difference between a small number of wins happening and lots of wins on a regular basis. There are also slots that don’t use a payline system. Some will use symbols being adjacent to each other in a cluster to create wins. There are even some that just count how many symbols are on the reels to calculate wins. This range of choice means that players have a lot of different options when playing slots.

The final variation that’s on offer is a regular video slot and a progressive video slot. A progressive video slot takes a small portion of every wager that is placed on it from every player all around the world. Then, it puts all of these small portions together to create a jackpot. When a player is able to activate this jackpot they can win an amount that is much larger than the usual wins on offer. There are players that have walked away from progressive slots with wins that have completely changed their lives.