High roller bonus

High roller bonus

It’s hard to know exactly what a high roller is. This is because at an online casino and a brick and mortar casino, the definitions of a high roller are very different. At a brick and mortar casino high roller can be someone who deposits tens of millions of rupees at a time. The amount is much lower for an online casino. There are some similarities between how online and brick and mortar casinos treat their high roller players though. Both of them treat them better than they treat other customers.

This is because the amount of money that goes through the casino from these customers is worth 10 or 20 normal customers, so it’s important to keep them happy. They do this by offering a number of different bonuses to make sure that they are not tempted to go elsewhere.

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Superior welcome bonuses

One of the first things that high rollers can be offered by a casino is an improved welcome bonus. A lot of casinos will increase the percentage of matched bonus on offer as the deposit amount increases. So for example, the first 50,000 rupees might get a 100% matched bonus, but if players deposit more than that amount they might receive 150%. This means that the initial bankroll that high roller players have available is increased by a large amount. It’s especially noticeable because they are depositing more in the first place.

These welcome bonuses will usually forgo free spins, because high roller players tend to avoid video slots. This means that a high roller welcome bonus is more likely to allow table games to count for a larger proportion of the wagering requirements than with a standard welcome bonus.

VIP programs

VIP programs are another form of welcome bonus. While all players are usually given access to the VIP program when playing at Indian online casinos, there are certain levels that are only accessible to high roller players. These top levels of the VIP program will have different rewards on offer and will make it a far more pleasurable experience for the high roller player.

The first is a VIP manager. These are different to the account managers that are applied at lower levels of the VIP program. An account manager will usually deal with issues that have risen and will have a large number of customers under their care. A VIP manager will have very few customers under their care which means that they can devote much more time to players. This is usually in the form of complimentary games and special promotions that are not available to regular players. The promotions are usually in the form of cashback bonuses on losing bets.

The VIP program will also offer much better rewards in general when achieving a higher level. This can be things like a better gift on your birthday, access to VIP tournaments and the chance to try out beta versions of new games at the site. Everything about a VIP program is to make high roller players feel special and keep using the casino.

Wagering requirements

One thing that is often in place for high roller players is a lower set of wagering requirements. Because high roller players tend to make much larger deposits and receive much larger bonuses, online casinos often lower the wagering requirements for them. So this means a player who made a 100,000 rupees deposit and received 150,000 rupees as a bonus won’t have to go through the standard 30 times wagering requirements, they may have them lowered down to 20 in order to give them an added bonus.

Is a deposit or stake more important?

Generally, it’s not what you stake on games that will get you high roller bonuses. Most casinos take notice of the deposit levels. When you make large deposits then Indian players will be likely to receive a message from a VIP manager. So, if you want to be a high roller at an online casino the best way to do this is to make large deposits. If you do this then it won’t be long before a VIP manager gets in touch with you to offer you a range of new benefits.

Is it worth being a high roller?

It depends on what you want from your casino experience. If you want to play high stakes games, then the added benefits of being a high roller can make it much better for you. Firstly, it will allow you to increase the size of your bankroll by a much larger amount. Secondly, it will allow you to play at table games and contribute more to your wagering requirements. Finally, your wagering requirements will generally be lower.

On top of all that, you will also have other added benefits that will help you to be successful when playing. If you don’t think that you will get much benefit from the rewards that are on offer for being a high roller then it’s probably best not to increase your deposit amount above what you normally make.