Payment methods

Payment methods

Making payments and withdrawals is one of the most important aspects of using an online casino. While this wasn’t always the case, Indian players currently have a large number of different payment methods available to them. Here is a rundown of the different options that are available and what positives and negatives they bring to the table for players in India.

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Credit and Debit cards

Credit and debit cards are one of the most popular methods that are available to players. They are easy to use and for deposits, they are carried out almost instantly. The majority of online casinos available to Indian players will have some form of credit or debit card payment options. This is usually offered through Visa or Mastercard, American Express are rarely accepted at online casinos.

The positives of using a credit or debit card is that they are a reliable method for making deposits and withdrawals. They also have a lot of security in place which makes them safe to use.

The negatives of using a credit or debit card is that withdrawals can take as many as five working days. If you want access to your winnings quickly, then this might be a problem for you. There can also be additional charges placed on credit cards due to the fee that is activated for using them. Some credit and debit cards will also incur an additional fee if a currency exchange has to take place.

A product like PaySafeCard can be used as a one time debit card, this can be bought online or offline from different places. Some casinos even accept Google Pay.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are the most traditional method of payment method for online casinos. They are accepted at almost every online casino that Indian players can use and they tend to allow for large deposits to be made as long as you’ve cleared it with your bank beforehand.

The positives to bank transfers lies around the amount of security that is in place for using them. There are often lots of layers of encryption placed on a bank transfer and there can be a lot of verification that takes place. They are also accepted almost universally at online casinos.

The negatives surrounding bank transfers are how long it takes for withdrawals to be processed. While online casinos use a method that gives the funds to the player account before they’re cleared so a deposit is quite fast, a withdrawal doesn’t offer this same method. So a withdrawal can take as long as 10 working days to be processed. This is obviously not good if you’re in a rush to get hold of your funds. On top of this, there are also fees charged for any currency exchanges and some banks will charge a fee for large transfers. A final issue is that some banks don’t allow for the transfer of smaller amounts. So unless you have a large amount to withdrawal you might have to use a different method.

E-wallets / Wallets

E-wallets are the newest transfer method that’s on the market. They are designed to be a faster and more efficient payment method, while also giving the customer more privacy. Most online casinos offer e-wallets in the modern world, but there are still some that don’t allow transactions to be carried out by them. The most popular are Paytm, Neteller and Skrill. Some casinos use Astropay or UPI payments wich is a specific Indian method.

The positives of e-wallets are numerous. The first has already been mentioned, they allow customers to keep their information more private. An e-wallet doesn’t share as much of your personal information with the casino or with your bank when compared to more traditional methods. The second main positive is that they are significantly faster for withdrawals than other methods. A withdrawal through an e-wallet can be completed almost instantly. E-wallets are also extremely easy to use, with just a password required and no need to go searching for your wallet like with debit cards.

The negatives are more related to the casinos than the e-wallet themselves. Firstly, not all casinos accept them. Because they are a newer method they haven’t been universally adopted like more traditional payment methods. This means that if you want to use an e-wallet you will have to double check that you can. Secondly, not all casinos offer their promotions if deposits are made with an e-wallet. Because there are strict terms and conditions in place for promotions some casinos will block the promotion from being awarded for e-wallet users. This is something else that you will need to double check when signing up.


While cryptocurrencies are relatively new in online gambling, a lot of online casinos started to accepting them. Beside Bitcoin there are over 100 other coins that are popular and a lot of them can be used.

Which method should you use?

Deciding on which payment method is best for you is all down to personal choice. If you have found the perfect casino but the welcome bonus isn’t available to e-wallet users then you might want to use bank transfer or credit/debit cards. If having access to fast withdrawals is something that is vital to you, then you will want to find a casino that allows you to use e-wallets. Make sure that you check through all terms and conditions and do your research before signing up.


1. Are all payment methods available at all casinos? No. Every casino has a different range of payment methods that they accept. There are even casinos that only accept Bitcoin deposits. Make sure that you check what you can and cannot do before you sign up.

2. Can I use a cheque to make a deposit? Some online casinos will allow you to use a cheque, but it’s important to remember that it will take a lot longer than any other method to do so.

3. Can I use rupees to make a deposit? This depends on the online casino. Fortunately, there are a lot more casinos that offer rupees as an accepted currency now, but there are still some on the market that don’t. Make sure that you look at what currencies are available before you sign up as converting fees from Rupees to dollars can be high.