Neteller is one of the most popular e-wallets on the market. It has over 20 years in the industry and in that time it has managed to build up to be a genuine competitor to PayPal. Indian casino players have found that Neteller and Skrill are two of the most popular e-wallets for the casino industry. In fact, Neteller is available to use at more online casinos than PayPal is at this moment in time. So, what exactly does Neteller offer to customers?

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What does Neteller offer?

Neteller is a super fast, secure and cheap to use e-wallet. It gives players the opportunity to move money around quickly and cheaply. In fact, many players find that Neteller is cheaper than most traditional payment methods.

Neteller allows customers to make deposits and withdrawals almost instantly. This is in stark contrast to more traditional methods which can take almost two weeks to process withdrawals in some cases. It also allows players to retain a lot more of their privacy than traditional methods do. Players are able to not just keep their personal details private, but they can also keep their banking transactions private when using Neteller. This is something that a lot of players are positive about because it means that they don’t have to worry about the bank pulling them up on what they have been spending their money on.

Signing up with Neteller

If you want to sign up to an online casino using Neteller it’s a relatively easy process. First, you will need to check that the casino allows Neteller as a payment method. Not all casinos allow e-wallets, so this is an extremely important step. Once you’ve done that then you will be able to carry out the sign up process.

If the casino operates a know your customer policy then you will have to provide some form of ID to do so. This will not impact on how Neteller shares your spending information with your bank. It’s purely so the casino can prove that you are who you say you are. Some casinos are required to do so by law, so this step is nothing to worry about.

Once all of these steps have been carried out you will be able to start making deposits and withdrawals with your Neteller account.


Neteller has a lot of positives on offer to customers. One of the main positives is how fast it is. This is a massive upgrade on the speeds that more traditional methods offer. Players will be able to make a withdrawal literally within seconds. When compared to methods like bank transfers which can take up to ten working days, it is a huge upgrade. For players who like to gain access to their withdrawals quickly this is perfect.

Your privacy is also paramount when using Neteller. There are no worries about the bank checking up on how you are spending your money, so it’s something that a lot of people appreciate. On top of this there are a lot of security checks in place to ensure that your information is safe. Because the banking details for Neteller are kept away from how the money is deposited, it also means that if you are the victim of fraud, you bank won’t be affected.


Some of the fees that are involved from using Neteller are quite regressive. With as much as 5% placed on some transfers it can add up to quite a large amount if you want to make a large deposit. What is also a slight drawback is that withdrawing your money from Neteller into your bank account can take up to seven working days. While you will be able to spend your money from your Neteller account once it’s withdrawn from the casino, if you want it back in your bank then you will have to wait just as long as if you had made a bank transfer. Not all casinos will allow you to receive their bonus when using an e-wallet too.

How safe is your information?

Your information is extremely safe and secure when using Neteller. Your personal details are kept on an encrypted server and this ensures that even if there is a hack, all of the data that is collected would be useless. If you want to keep your personal information safe then using Neteller is a good idea.

Should you use Neteller?

This all depends on your own opinion. While it’s much faster to withdraw your money from an online casino to your Neteller account, if you want that money in your bank account then you don’t actually save any time. The fees can also sometimes be prohibitive, however there are fees associated with almost all payment methods so this isn’t something that you should focus too heavily on.


1. Do I need to open a Neteller account to use it? Yes, you do. While it’s extremely helpful to already have an account with Neteller, there are some casinos available to Indian players that have a link to a sign up page which does save some time.

2. Can I withdraw more than I deposited when using Neteller? This depends on your situation. If you have more in your casino account than you deposited, then yes you can. Your deposit amount doesn’t impact on your withdrawal allowance in any way.

3. Can I use rupees with Neteller? Neteller currently don’t offer rupees as a featured currency, so there may be some exchange fees associated with using Neteller.