Skrill has undergone what appears to be a rapid rise in the e-wallet world. At almost 20 years old they are one of the older companies on the market at the moment and this shows with the quality service that they offer. Many online casinos that operate in the Indian jurisdiction allow for Skrill to be used. This is because it’s easy to use, secure and very fast. Before you decide to use Skrill as your payment method though, it’s important to know exactly what it offers to casino players.

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What does Skrill offer?

Skrill offers casino players a fast and cheap way to carry out transactions. It’s a more modern payment method and is designed to give players the opportunity to gain access to their funds at a much faster rate than traditional methods. If you choose to use Skrill then you will be able to make a withdrawal within 24 hours, which is a significant improvement on the multiple day waits that are associated with traditional banking methods.

Signing up with Skrill

When it comes to signing up to your online casino with Skrill it’s extremely easy. In fact, all you need for a Skrill account is a valid email address. You don’t even need to associate it with a debit card or bank, although if you want to make a deposit then you will have to do that. As long as you have a Skrill account then you can easily go through the casino sign up process.

Once you have been through the sign up process then making a deposit is just as easy. You just have to enter your Skrill details, the amount that you want to deposit and it will be transferred to your casino account almost instantly.

It’s important to note that if the casino operates a know your customer policy then Skrill cannot be used to identify you. This is due to the way that it keeps your personal information on a private server in order to keep you safe.


Skrill has a lot of positives associated with it. The first is the most obvious. Withdrawals are carried out at a much faster rate than traditional payment methods. When you use Skrill you can have access to your money within a day. This is something that’s simply not possible with a traditional method. Skrill also has much lower fees than other e-wallets, with some fees set at just 1%.

Skrill also keeps your personal data separate from your bank details. This means that when you make a deposit to your online casino it won’t be flagged in your bank account. For customers who like to keep their information private, this is an excellent service.


The negatives for using Skrill are usually centered around the casino itself, rather than Skrill. Firstly, not all casinos allow Skrill to be used. This means that you won’t be able to make a deposit or withdrawal at some casinos right off the bat. On top of this, there are also some casinos that won’t offer their promotions and bonuses to customers who use Skrill, or other e-wallets. This is in relation to the bonus only being offered to a player once and Skrill not allowing for ID verification.

There can also be some fees associated with Skrill that add onto the charges. You can even be charged twice if there are two currency exchanges when you make a deposit or withdrawal.

How safe is your information?

Your information is as safe as it can get with Skrill. They keep your personal details on a secure server. This means that your information is not tied together with your Skrill account. In the event of a hack you don’t have to worry about your bank details being lost because of this.

Should you use Skrill?

Using Skrill is a choice that depends on your personal situation. It may be taken out of your hands if you want to play at an Indian casino that doesn’t allow Skrill to be used. You also have to consider if you want access to a casino bonus as some don’t offer the bonus to Skrill users. However, if you want to be able to withdraw your money at a much faster rate, then Skrill is a choice you should consider. Make sure that you go over all of the details in order to make the right choice.


1. Does Skrill allow transfers to be made in rupees? No. Rupees are not currently a currency that Skrill supports.

2. Can deposits and withdrawals be made on the same day with Skrill? Yes. As long as the casino doesn’t have a limit on how many deposits or withdrawals you can make you can make as many deposits or withdrawals as you like on a single day.

3. What methods can I use to make a deposit to my Skrill account? You can use almost any method you like. Credit/debit cards, cheques and bank transfers can all be used to fund a Skrill account.