Crystopia slot to provide you with Utopia?

Crystopia slot to provide you with Utopia?

Upon beginning your journey with Crystopia, you will immediately find yourself transported to a mythical world, where crystals are almost in abundance. 


Software provider, Habanero really has done itself proud here, with great work to both the development and user interface.


Boasting a wide range of exciting features, there is no reason why you should not become immersed to the point where this slot slides into your favorites list. 

What can you expect to find with Utopia?

The first thing that you will notice when you start playing this slot title, is that it has a really distinctive and immersive user interface, aided by the striking color palette, made up mostly of gold and different colored crystals.


One of the best things about it, is that it is displayed on a simple 3x3 grid format that makes it really easy to understand and follow the progress - essentially, this is great news, especially if you are new to playing online slots.


A staggering range of between 27 and 1728 ways to win means that there is a great amount of diversity here, allowing you to potentially enjoy your slot experience a lot more.


What is also good about this slot - particularly for beginners, is that it has a modest medium volatility level in addition to an RTP (Return-to-Player) rating of 96.91 per cent. Meanwhile, you may also notice the different sound effects during the game, which really help to add to the opulence and elegance of the slot - it could be that you notice this subconsciously, due to how immersive the overall gameplay experience is.


When it comes to symbols, the lower value ones are the three copper designed crystals, meanwhile, the three golden crystals carry a higher worth. You can trigger free spins, when you land the wild symbol, noticeable from its red inserts function and as a result benefit significantly, being rewarded with up to 46.6x your initial stake. It is also worth noting that the maximum win is 3,333x your principal stake for landing the top prize. 


Another great feature about this slot game is that you are able to buy free spins, which means that this can further enhance your chances of winning, particularly given the potentially advantageous return on investment that you may get from this gamble. 


Perhaps one of the more modest attractive features that are associated with this slot, is its impressive mobile functionality. It is obvious that Habanero has really done a marvellous job here, by almost eclipsing industry-standard procedures, regardless of the type of mobile device that you decide to play this slot on. Some of the best technologies on the software have been applied to the functionality for this slot, with a considerable focus on user satisfaction throughout the gameplay’s journey. 


In terms of betting range, the minimum stake, is a rather peculiar and, also high 0.90 per spin, which is very uncharacteristic of the industry, while the highest stake is only 45.00 per spin - understandably, this may be disappointing.

What is our verdict of Crystopia?

Ultimately, this has good things and not so good things about it, though the former appears to outweigh the latter.


Overall, this slot is well-designed, with a satisfying user interface, which is easy to understand. The medium volatility level meanwhile makes it good for beginners, however one major downside, is the high minimum spin level. 


Definitely play the demo mode first if you have reservations, as this will give you a more comprehensive feel for it