Feel the wrath with Viking Fury!

Feel the wrath with Viking Fury!

Perhaps one of the most exciting online slot games to roll off the Blueprint Gaming production line, Viking Fury packs the punch that most ardent enthusiasts are looking for.

Boasting six reels and five rows, in addition to a respectable 96.1 per cent RTP (Return-to-Player) rating and a medium to high volatility level, these figures indicate that it is more conducive to players who are more experienced.

However, if you are a beginner and you like the look of it, don’t worry, because Blueprint Gaming has you covered. You are able to play on demo mode, for free until you get used to it and feel confident enough to make a deposit.

Get ready to do Battle!

In true Viking spirit, everything about the slot encompasses this particular theme and, as a result, you will find all of the particular features that are associated with this historical era within the gameplay.

Very fast-paced, this is certainly a game to be excited about if you like this style of slot and, as a result, you will find that you can win up to 10,000 times your initial wager, with a minimum bet per spin being 0.20, up to a maximum of 20.00. Please bear in mind, that, although this amount might seem like a small stake, some slots do offer as little as 0.05 per spin, so it is important that you are able to afford these spins and know that there are absolutely no guarantees before making this commitment.

There are also multiple symbols to look out for throughout the slot’s life cycle. These include lower-paying ones like gemstones, which have rune style writing on them, in green, blue, red and purple, which pay out between 0.6 and two times your initial wager. Even this can be a nice little bonus, especially considering the minimum spin amount, so you can always withdraw this to your balance and start again, in the hope of hitting a wild on the next couple of goes.

However, it is the traditional Viking-style symbols of the hammer, axe, horn and Viking that provide a more satisfactory return that ranges from between three and 50 times your principal stake. Of course, these are a lot rarer, and the chances of hitting these are much lower. Should you get these then it is important to make a reasoned decision about how you proceed next.

Certainly, look out for the slot’s wild symbol, which is depicted in the form of an iconicViking ship, which also doubles as a scatter symbol. During the free spin rounds that this symbol generates, you can also land shields which are multipliers. Certainly, these can completely change the course of your game and, in some instances, provide players with life-changing amounts, however, it is important to set a limit that you are ultimately happy to walk away with.


Our Verdict

If you are in search of something different and also interesting, then Viking Fury could be for you. The gameplay is highly intuitive, while the slot is aesthetically accurate, with eye-catching and striking graphics. The absolute most important thing, is that you are playing this slot, because all of the different elements, and the theme appeals to you, because it means that you will enjoy it a lot more. Do not play thinking that you will hit the jackpot, but because you enjoy it!

With the volatility level, the slot does require you to be patient to see potential gains so do not expect to win a big jackpot quickly. Despite this though, it is certainly one of the more entertaining slots that Blueprint Gaming have released recently!