Cash back bonus

Cash back bonus

There are a lot of different casino bonuses available to players currently. Whether it’s deposit bonuses that usually come with welcome bonuses or free spins that are offered for achieving various milestones. However, one of the most popular current casino bonuses is the cash back bonus. This is a bonus that gives players cash back over a period of time when they are playing. Not everyone is aware of this kind of bonus, so we have taken the time to go over the most important aspects of this bonus so you can fully understand it.

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What is a Cash Back Bonus?

Essentially a cash back bonus is a bonus that gives you back a percentage of your overall losses over a certain period of time. An example of this could be that one casino offers you a 10% cash back bonus on your losses over a month. So, if you made a loss of 1,000 INR over the month you would get back 100 INR at the end of the month as a cash back bonus. There are a lot of different aspects that are applied to these bonuses, so it’s important to look over exactly how they are crafted.

What Terms are Usually Applied?

It all depends on the casino that you have chosen to play at. Some online casinos will apply different terms to the cash back bonus, so there is no definitive list available. However, these are some of the terms that can be applied to the cash back.

The first term that is almost always applied is that the losses are only in relation to deposits that have been made over the course of the month. So, for example if a player makes a profit of 10,000 INR one month, doesn’t make a deposit the next month and makes a loss of 5,000 INR they would not be eligible for a cash back bonus. This would be because even though they had made a loss over the course of that single month, they would still be in an overall net positive. This is to stop players from making a profit one month and then spending the next month attempting risky high wager bets safe in the knowledge that they will get cashback if they lose on those bets.

Some online casinos will also apply wagering requirements to any cashback amounts that are received. It does mean that players will have to go through the requirements in order to make a withdrawal of the bonus cash back. This can sometimes be difficult for players who struggle to make the requirements as it means they won’t get the benefit of the cash back bonus.

It should also be noted that most online casinos don’t count any bonus cash as part of losses. So if you lose your welcome bonus then you will not get any percentage of this back. It will be just the deposit amount that goes towards your cash back.

How can the Cash Back be Used?

There are normally no restrictions placed on how the cash back can be used. So, as long as any wagering requirements have been achieved, players are able to use it for wagers or make a withdrawal. This is generally a positive as it means players don’t have to worry about using the cash back in the wrong way and forfeiting it.

The cash back also won’t be taken back if the player goes on to make a profit with it afterwards. Wagering requirements aside, once it has been awarded to a player then it is theirs.

Positives of Cash Back Bonuses

There are a lot of different positives to cash back bonuses. The first main one is that players are able to get back some of their losses if they have a bad month. It means that if you do manage to lose your entire bankroll then it’s not the end of the world as some will be coming back to you.

Another great benefit to cash back bonuses is that they are often tied into loyalty schemes. This means that the higher you rise up the tiers in the casino loyalty scheme the higher a percentage you will get back. So you might start out getting back 10% but over time you might increase to as much as 30%. Some online casinos even offer amounts more than this.

Negatives of Cash Back Bonuses

The main negative to a cash back bonus is that you have to make a loss in order to get one. While it can be seen as a reward for poor performance, if you are getting a cash back bonus then it means you have not performed well at the online casino. So while it is nice to get one if you have had month, the preference would be to have a good month and then not need to have the cash back bonus at all.