Without bonus

Casino bonuses have taken over the promotions aspect when it comes to online casinos. Indian players will notice that almost every casino on the market has a bonus or promotion on offer. This is to try and entice players to join that casino. There are some players out there that prefer to play without receiving a bonus and only use their own cash to create their bankroll. What’s the reasoning behind this, and is it a good tactic to carry out?

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What is playing without a bonus?

Playing without a bonus essentially means that players won’t be given any extra rewards on top of their deposits. Most online casinos will give a matched bonus when the first deposit is made to the casino. When players choose to play without this it is just their deposit that they can use to play with.

This often requires players to choose not to receive the bonus when they make their deposit. The option to opt out is usually quite easy to find on the deposit form, some casinos require players to get in touch with the customer service after making the deposit in order to cancel it. It’s important to double check to make sure that you have not accidentally accepted a bonus when signing up or making a deposit.

Are there no bonus casinos?

There are casinos on the market that don’t offer any bonuses at all. They offer the same features as a regular online casino, except that there are no promotions running. This means that players just have to concentrate on playing and don’t have to worry about working out wagering requirements or when they’re allowed to make a withdrawal. These casinos are perfect for players who are worried about accidentally accepting a bonus.

Positives of playing without a bonus

There are some positives to playing without a bonus, although it might not seem like it at first. The first positive is that players don’t have to worry about achieving wagering requirements. As soon as they start playing, they will be able to make a withdrawal at any point.

This isn’t just applied to matched bonuses either. When playing a video slot you don’t have to worry about any issues with your winnings. Free spin bonuses apply wagering requirements to any wins that are created with free spins. When playing without a bonus you don’t have to worry about this and can just play with no worries.

Negatives of playing without a bonus

The main negatives related to playing without a bonus are all based around lowering your bankroll. When you play at an online casino, the bigger your bankroll the better chance you have of walking out with a profit. Most bankroll management strategies work better when you bankroll is larger. If you play without a bonus then you will instantly be lowering your bankroll and making it harder to walk out with a profit. The second aspect related to this comes from video slots. Because free spins are a regular bonus that’s offered it means that your bankroll will be used up faster when playing a video slot if you play without bonuses.

Does a lack of bonus stop me from playing certain games?

It doesn’t. While some no bonus casinos do have limited game choices, you can still sign up to any casino that you like and just play without accepting a bonus. This means that any games you want to play are available to you if you want to play without a bonus.

This is one benefit to playing without a bonus, that you’re not limited in what you want to experience at an online casino when you play without a bonus.

Are there other promotions available to me?

This depends on what you want from your casino experience. If it’s the wagering requirements that put you off from accepting a bonus then there are sometimes promotions available that don’t have wagering requirements. These are usually cashback bonuses that are based around losing wagers. There are some casinos on the market that offer free spins without wagering requirements as well.

However, these promotions are quite rare and as such it means that there isn’t a huge amount on offer to players who want to play without a bonus. While you might get lucky sometimes on the whole if you want to play without a bonus then promotions should be off your radar.

Should I play without a bonus?

This all depends on what you want from your casino experience. A lot of players in India want to play with the added benefits that a bonus offers. This is mainly related to an increased bankroll and the ability to carry out a long term strategy. However, if you think that achieving the wagering requirements cannot be done within the time limit or that it will lead to poor decisions then it could be best for you to not choose the bonus.

On the whole it’s a decision that you need to weigh up and work out if it’s best for your personal situation or not.