Bonus codes

Casino bonus codes are something that comes along for players quite often. They are actually linked together with a number of different bonuses that are on offer at casinos. Many Indian players will see bonus codes regularly at online casinos because they are used in conjunction with a number of different promotions. In what situations are bonus codes offered to players though?

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Welcome bonus codes

A welcome bonus is awarded when players first sign up to a casino and make their first deposit. They usually consist of a matched bonus and free spins. Not all welcome bonuses are awarded automatically though. There are some that require players to opt in to get the bonus and there are even that ask for a bonus code.

The bonus code is usually entered when players make their initial deposit. There will be a space where players can enter the code and then the welcome bonus will be awarded. This code is usually available in the terms and conditions for the bonus in order to ensure that players have read them.

The other way that a welcome bonus casino code is used is for a welcome bonus that is paid out across multiple deposits. For these the player is usually given a bonus on the first deposit, then they will have to enter a code when they make subsequent deposits in order to receive the bonus. This is usually in effect for the first four deposits as a maximum and isn’t something that is in place for every deposit.

No deposit bonus code

A no deposit bonus code is usually offered when players haven’t signed up to the casino yet. They will then be given a code that they can use to get a bonus when they sign up to the casino. This will be added to the player account and no deposit is needed in order to receive the bonus. This is the most sought after type of bonus for Indian players, as such a lot of players tend to spend a great deal of time trying to find them.

Regular promotion bonus codes

Casinos tend to run promotions regularly. This can be anything from a seasonal promotion, like a Halloween competition, to a monthly promotion where players can grab extra rewards. A lot of these promotions require players to enter a code in order to get their reward. Because these are promotions that happen often, it means that you will need to check the promotional section of the casino quite regularly in order to know about them.

These are usually codes that are entered when making a deposit. However, they also might need to be entered in order to activate a promotion that will pay out rewards based on how much you wager. Some casinos might even offer no deposit codes as a promotion, this is not very common though.

Deposit match codes

These are very similar to the bonus codes that you will use for your welcome bonus. These are not given out very often, but when they are you just have to enter them as you make your deposit. You will then be rewarded with a match bonus when your deposit is credited to your account. They can usually only be used once, so it’s best to use them for with your largest deposit.

Deposit match codes don’t come under regular promotion bonus codes unless they are part of a specific promotion. These codes can often be given out via promotional material, usually to players who haven’t played at the casino for quite a while.

Cashback codes

Cashback codes can be used in two different ways. The first way is as a match of your deposits. So you might get cashback of 25% on every deposit that you make. This means that you will get 25 rupees for every 100 rupees that you deposit to the casino. They are quite rare, the next type of cashback code is much more common.

Cashback codes for your losses are a much more common occurrence. These are codes that you enter when you make a deposit and then you will get a percentage, up to 100%, of your bet back as cash if your bet loses. There are terms and conditions applied to these, which will usually be things like the bets must be at least even money to qualify.

Free spins codes

Free spins codes are another code that is regularly on offer at online casinos. Players in India who love video slots are regularly on the lookout for these codes. They are usually paired with a deposit bonus, but can occasionally be awarded as no deposit bonuses.

Do wagering requirements apply to bonus codes?

In general they do, but it depends on the terms and conditions for the bonus. It’s important to check through the terms and conditions when you sign up. Make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your bonus.