Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular games in India. It’s a very simple game at first glance, but it actually has some very interesting nuances that go some way to explaining why it’s so popular. While it might not be as well known around the world as other card games, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, it still has plenty of players in India that love it. What is it about the game that grabs the attention of players though, and why has it managed to remain popular even with the influx of more well known games from other areas?

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Simplicity ensures enjoyment

One of the main reasons that Indian players love Andar Bahar so much is because of how simple it is. There aren’t reams and reams of rules to read through before you know how to play. This means that players are easily able to get to grips with how the game is played and then get started. It ensures that players are taken back to the simple card games of their youth when playing Andar Bahar.

This simple nature of the game means that players can easily enjoy it and don’t have to worry about thinking about the rules when playing. That is often something that puts players off from trying a game like Poker.

How to play

When it comes to playing Andar Bahar, there are actually quite a few similarities to Baccarat. This is because the player doesn’t actually make any decisions, the game is all played out by the dealer. What this means is that the winners of the game are decided by the bets that are placed at the start. So if you place a wager on the correct side, you will win. This is identical to the way that Baccarat works, but the actual game itself is significantly more simple.

The game starts when the dealer cuts the deck. This will show a single card. The player then has to place a bet on whether a card of the same value will appear on the left side or the right side first. The left side is called Andar and the right side is called Bahar. This is where the game gets its name. The dealer will then deal cards to the left and right side alternatively. If the initial card is a black card then the dealer deals to the Andar side first and if it’s a red card the dealer deals to the Bahar side first.

The way that winnings are decided are slightly more complex. So, if you wager 100R on Andar and Andar was the side that was dealt to first, if you win then you will receive 190R back. Your 100R stake returned and 90R winnings. If you wager 100R on Andar and Bahar was the side that was dealt to first, if you win then you will receive 200R back. Your 100R stake returned and 100R winnings. The same method for payouts works if you wager on the Bahar side.

There is no option for a draw game because a draw isn’t possible in Andar Bahar. Eventually a card of the same value will appear. What some versions of the game do offer are side bets. These are additional bets that can be placed on what might happen during the game. There are two main side bets that tend to be offered. The first is on the value of the first card to be drawn. This takes the form of whether it will be below 8, above 8 or exactly 8.

The second side bet is based around how many cards it will take to equal the value of the first card to be drawn. These usually cover ranges of five cards at a time. The more cards you think it will take, the higher the payout will be from this side bet.

Is it legal to play in India?

Technically the answer is no. However, Indian laws in relation to online gambling are notoriously relaxed. This is because the laws haven’t kept up to date with the advances in technology. On top of this the tax revenue that online gambling brings in is very important to the different states within India. This makes it a grey area overall. While it might not technically be legal, there is no chance of ever being prosecuted for playing Andar Bahar at an Indian online casino.

Where can you play?

You can play Andar Bahar at a lot of the land based casinos that are available in India. It offers a much simpler game than Blackjack but with a similar level of excitement and payout. However, the most popular place to play Andar Bahar is online.

There are a large number of online casinos that offer Andar Bahar to players. The software ensures that it’s a smooth experience and it doesn’t take away any of the excitement of playing the game. There are also some excellent live casino versions of the game. These are able to combine the ease and simplicity of playing at an online casino with the brick and mortar casino experience.

Wherever you choose to play Andar Bahar it’s important to check the rules of the game before you start to play. Not all games will offer the ability to place a side bet. So, if you like to place side bets when playing Andar Bahar, it’s important for yourself that you make sure they are available before you begin playing.