Split with Blackjack

Split with Blackjack

Splitting is one of the lesser known moves when playing Blackjack. Although it’s not known as much as other instructions, it is incredibly useful. It can help Indian players turn a bad hand into two good ones in a single move. There are some important aspects to know about when it comes to splitting though.

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What is splitting?

Splitting is available when you are dealt two cards that are the same. This doesn’t mean two cards that are the same value necessarily, because a King and a Jack wouldn’t be eligible to be split. It must be two Kings or two Jacks. The cards can be of different suits, but the actual number or face must be identical. When you are dealt these cards you will then have the opportunity to split if you like. This involves you making another bet at the same level as your previous stake and the two cards being split into two separate hands. They will then each be dealt another card and the game will continue, but you will now have two hands to work with. In some casinos you may also be dealt another pair, in this situation it depends on the Blackjack game you are playing as to whether you will be allowed to split again or not.

When should you split?

When it comes down to knowing the right time to split, there are a number of options that offer a better chance of walking away without making a loss if you choose to split. We’re just going to cover the main one though. If you’re dealt a pair of 8s then you should always split if available. This is because a hard 16 is often seen as the worst possible hand when you’re playing Blackjack. So, a pair of 8s would give you a hard 16. By splitting the hand it gives you two opportunities to have a better hand than the hard 16, which means you will have two chances to improve on your ability to make a profit. This is why when you’re dealt a pair of 8s, you should always choose to split if you can.

When shouldn’t you split?

Splitting isn’t always the best option when you’re dealt a pair though. For example, if you’re dealt a pair of cards that has a total value of 20. So, a pair of 10s, Jacks, Queens or Kings. If you’re dealt a hand like this then the best choice for you to make would be to stand. The reason behind this is that if you split you’re unlikely to get a hand as strong as the 20 that you’re already holding. So you will essentially be paying out twice your stake in order to have two weaker hands that could both end up losing. It’s a much better option to stick with the 20 as it will have a better chance of winning.

Depending on how strong your bankroll is, you could also take the same strategy for a pair of 9s. Although in this situation you might prefer to see what card the dealer is showing before deciding your course of action.

Can you always split?

This can sometimes be a difficult topic to cover. The reason behind this is because not all Blackjack games allow players to split. So, if the game doesn’t offer splitting then you will just have to continue playing as normal when dealt a pair. Even if the game does allow you to split, it might not offer the chance to split again if another pair is dealt. So this is something else that needs to be taken into account when choosing which Blackjack game you would like to play.