Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a massively popular dice game that’s available to players in India. It is sometimes known as Crown and Anchor in other areas around the world, but Indian players know it as Jhandi Munda. While it doesn’t offer a way to guarantee a win, because essentially it’s a game of chance, it does offer the opportunity to improve your chances of winning through playing strategies. This is similar to how Blackjack works, as there are strategies that can be carried out in order to reduce the house edge. So, what exactly does Jhandi Munda give to players that other games don’t?

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Elements of Craps and Blackjack

The actual gameplay for Jhandi Munda holds a lot of similarities to Craps. Players have to guess at how the dice will land and can place wagers based on the different combinations that are on offer. It’s very simple to play and allows anyone to get started with it almost right off the bat. This simplicity is what makes it so popular with players. It’s like a game of Craps without the added complications that are usually in place.

That there are certain strategies that can be carried out also means that players are able to quite easily improve their chances of winning once they learn the strategies. This is where it shares some similarities with Blackjack which also allows the house edge to be eaten away through strategy.

How to play

The basics of Jhandi Munda are very easy to get your head around. There are six dice that are used in the game. Each of these dice has six different symbols on it. A Heart, a Spade, a Club, a Diamond, a Flag and a Crown. The Flag and Crown symbols are sometimes replaced with a different symbol depending on the version of the game that you play. Whatever the symbols that are used, there are six different symbols on each of the dice. Players will then place a wager on whichever symbol they think will appear the most.

There are two distinct versions of the game that can be played. The first will pay out a different amount depending on how many symbols landed for the winning players. So, in this variation of the game, the winning player will get back their stake as well as the number of symbols that landed as a multiplier. So for example if the player wagers 10R on Diamonds and four Diamonds land, the play would get back 50R. This is made up of the 10R stake being returned and then a payout of 4 x 10R for the four Diamonds that won the hand. This means that the maximum profit on each hand would be 6 times your original stake. In some Jhandi Munda games, payouts only begin if two or more identical symbols land on the board.

The second version of the game will just pay out a win of 3.4 times the stake every time for the winner. So this means that if a player wagers 10R they will get back 34R when they win. This is made up of the 10R stake being returned and 24R as profit. This version of the game pays out a lower maximum amount but pays out higher values for some of the lower valued wins.

In terms of strategies for Jhandi Munda players can use bankroll management strategies in order to maximise their chances of getting a win. This is slightly different to a gameplay strategy that is used in Blackjack, but is very similar to the bankroll management strategies that would be used for Blackjack. If used correctly players can increase their chances of making a profit when playing Jhandi Munda.

Is it legal to play in India?

Playing Jhandi Munda is technically not legal. However, there are a number of grey areas and loopholes that ensure that players are able to play without being punished. This is because most states within India see gambling as a state issue. Because it’s a state issue they feel that they can craft their own laws and regulations. On top of this the Indian government turns a blind eye to online gambling because of the tax revenue that it generates. There is also an element of skill related to Jhandi Munda on top of the chance element. This means that it can be argued that it is allowed to be played. Regardless of the potential legal issues, no players have been charged for playing any online games within India and the chances of being charged are extremely low.

Where can you play?

Players can play Jhandi Munda at a range of different places. There are some land based casinos that offer the ability to try out the game, although not all of them offer it. Online casinos are a more likely venue to be able to play Jhandi Munda. There are generally two different versions of the game available, the one that has a fixed payout and the one that has a varying payout. It’s up to you to choose the version that you prefer the most when deciding to play online. You may struggle to find a live casino version of Jhandi Munda. This is because the game is usually known as Crown and Anchor on live casino sites, so if you want to play it at a live casino then you will have to search for the alternative title.