Keno is a massively popular casino gambling game that is available to players across the world. It’s very popular with Indian players, partly because it originated in Asia. Because it was created in China, it didn’t take long for it to cross over to India where players soon took it to their hearts. It’s a game that is very similar to lottery games but runs much more regularly than a standard lottery. It offers players the chance to win some handsome prizes while also offering the excitement that a lottery draw can offer. Because of the popularity of the game it’s offered to players at almost every casino there is. This includes online casinos and land based casinos.

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Potential for big prizes with little effort

Keno offers incredibly simple gameplay that almost anyone can pick up very quickly. This is obviously the first factor that has allowed it to become so popular. Because it is just a case of choosing numbers for each round, it’s very simple for players to take part. This is where it bears a big similarity to the lottery because that is also a case of choosing numbers and then waiting for the draw to take place. It means that it doesn’t need players to continually concentrate once the initial choices have been made.

In terms of strategy players can choose larger or smaller amounts of numbers in order to increase their chances of winning. However, this does mean that the potential prizes are also smaller. Despite this, there are some very generous prizes available to players when playing Keno with some versions offering wins of more than 10,000 times your stake for every draw.

How to play

Playing Keno is very easy. When you first start the game there will be a list of 80 numbers on the board. Here you can choose between four and 20 numbers from this list. Once you have chosen your numbers you will place your wager. The amount you can wager depends from game to game, but it usually starts at 1Rand goes up from there. As soon as the game starts, 20 numbers from the list of 80 will be drawn at random. If you manage to land all of the numbers on your list then you will win. Obviously 20 numbers is much harder to land than four numbers. This is why four numbers will pay out much less than 20 numbers will. The amount that is paid out will vary from casino to casino, but it usually starts at evens and works up to over 10,000 times your stake.

You can play a number of different types of bet when playing Keno too. So your bet can include more than just a single ticket with a single selection of numbers on. For example you could pick two groups of five numbers and use them to place three separate wagers. The three bets would be a group of five, a second group of five and then all 10 numbers. This isn’t the only kind of bet that’s available there are a large range on offer.

As well as the standard version of Keno there is also a video version of the game which bears more of a similarity to a slot machine. It even uses a random number generator just like a slot machine does. These will also sometimes include bonus games as well to make the chances of winning a little bit different.

Players are also able to play live dealer Keno. This offers the same experience as playing Keno is a land based casino, but you are able to play it through your online casino. A real dealer will be carrying out the game over the video stream and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy a real casino experience without even getting out of bed.

There are also additional variations of the game available to players, so if you enjoy Keno but want to try something a little different then take a look through the different versions of the game that are on offer and try them out. There are even progressive jackpot Keno games available at some online casinos which offer incredible prizes!

Is it legal to play in India?

Playing Keno is legal in India. The reason behind this is that there are state laws in place that allow lottery games to be legally played. While the government has placed slightly stricter regulations on how often lottery draws can take place, the individual states believe that this comes under state jurisdiction. As such, Keno is a legal game that can be played at any brick and mortar casino or online casino. It ensures that players can play without having to worry about the usual grey area that is in place for casino games. Although no-one gets charged for playing at online casinos, due to the tax revenue that it brings in, some casino games are still technically not legal. Keno is one of the few games that manages to escape this grey area to give players a completely worry free experience.

Where can you play?

Players can play Keno at pretty much any casino. This includes both land based casinos and online casinos. So if you want to play Keno then a casino is the best place for you to visit. There are a number of different variations of Keno on offer to players, so if there is a specific version of Keno that you want to try out it’s important that you make sure that the casino you’re playing at offers it. You can easily search through the variations that are on offer in order to find a place that will allow you to play the right Keno for you.