Variations of Roulette

Variations of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in existence. As such it has a large number of different variations that are available to players. It’s one of the most created titles around and this is one of the reasons that it has managed to remain as such a popular title over so many years. With that being said, what different Roulette variations are there available to Indian online casino players in the modern world?

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European Roulette

This is possibly the most popular Roulette variation that’s on offer. It includes a single green zero for players as well as the standard 36 numbers. It pays out 35/1 for a correct single number, which is slightly below the 37/1 odds that the player has of landing it. It usually follows standard Roulette rules, but can sometimes offer the La Partage or En Prison rule as well. It’s worth checking whether either of these rules are offered before you play. It’s a positive if they are offered as both of these rules reduce the house edge slightly making it more favourable for the player.

American Roulette

American Roulette is extremely similar to European Roulette, it does have a few slight differences though. Firstly, it has an extra green zero on the wheel. This makes the odds of landing a single number correctly 38/1. The payout isn’t increased though, so it still pays out 35/1. This means it has a larger house edge than European Roulette. It doesn’t offer either La Partage or En Prison either, which means that there is no way of reducing the house edge through additional rules.

French Roulette

French Roulette is almost identical to European Roulette. The only real difference is that it almost always includes the La Partage or En Prison rule. This means that the house edge of French Roulette is better than the majority of online Roulette games. If you like to play standard Roulette then this is probably the game that you will want to look for the most, but it is also one of the more rare Roulette variants on the market.

Roulette Royale

This is in general identical to European Roulette. However, it does include one difference that makes it stand out massively from the rest. There is a progressive jackpot included in Roulette Royale. This is very difficult to win and requires players to land the same number five times in a row. This means that the value for the progressive jackpot often reaches very high levels and if a player is able to pull it off, then they can walk away from the casino with an incredible win in their pockets. This additional aspect to the game makes it one of the more popular Roulette titles on the market.

No Zero Roulette

This does exactly what the name says. It includes a Roulette wheel that has no zeros on it. This reduces the house edge and gives players a better chance of walking away with a profit. In fact, if you play even money bets then the potential to walk away with a profit is much higher than any other Roulette title on the market.

Multi Wheel Roulette

This is a Roulette variant that gives players the opportunity to play on multiple wheels at once. It is therefore a game that’s a little more complicated than other variations and requires a greater degree of concentration. It also means that it’s a more fun and exciting version of the game. Indian players who want a real challenge and like fast paced gameplay will love multi wheel Roulette.

Live dealer Roulette

Live dealer Roulette is another highly popular version of the game. It gives players a high quality video stream where they can see a real dealer and play the game through the on board software. It’s one of the closest experiences to playing Roulette in a brick and mortar casino you can get. In fact, the only way you can beat it is by actually being there. There are a number of different variations with players able to choose from European, American and high roller versions of the game. There are also other options available for players who like a bigger range of choice.

Special versions

There are also special versions of the game that are on offer.This can include anything from pinball mixed together with Roulette to celebrities offering computer generated likenesses to act as the dealer for the game. All of this offers a lot more variety for players who want to experience more than just the standard variation of the game. Also Lightning Roulette is a popular variant in live casino, this game is like a game show.

If you haven’t seen the version of Roulette that takes your fancy then you can always search through your favourite casino and find a version that you like from there. This is just a small selection of the different Roulette games available, so it’s important to check through yourself in order to find the game you like the best.