If you’re interested in playing at online casinos then you will most likely have heard HTML 5 mentioned in recent times. This is more than just a different way that websites are created, it’s a whole new change for the way content is delivered. If you’re an Indian casino lover then HTML 5 is something that you really need to know about.

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What is HTML 5?

Put simply it’s the latest version of HTML. It offers more than just a few superficial changes that most software updates offer though. It is a complete change to the way that websites are created and it’s going to impact a number of things in a positive way. For starters it removes the need for plugins. This means that when you open up a webpage in your browser, as long as all of the content inside it was created with HTML 5 then you won’t have to download a plugin in order to use it. Essentially this means that HTML 5 makes it much safer to use the internet because plugins are often a security risk.

HTML 5 is also extremely versatile.It can be used to create almost anything. This goes for animations all the way to highly complex games. It’s the highly complex games part that has led to it being taken in by the iGaming industry as an important tool for game development. This has meant that more and more casino titles have been created using HTML 5 in recent times which has changed the landscape of the industry in a few main ways.

How is it used?

Essentially, HTML 5 is a programming language that allows developers to create applications that can be used from inside a web browser. They can also be used outside of a web browser and even without an internet connection once they have been loaded up. This makes it highly versatile for use on a number of different platforms.

How have online casinos started using it?

Because all online casinos are used through a browser of some description almost all software developers have started to use HTML 5 to create their games. From desktop to mobile devices a browser is used to access the games, so by creating a game in HTML 5 it means that it can be used on any device and will not need to be converted in any way.

Even when you use an online casino app this is still a form of browser, so it means that your games will be loaded up inside this browser using the HTML 5 language. This makes it much cheaper and easier for software developers to create online casino games that can be used across a number of different platforms. It’s not just the speed and cost that is improved by using HTML 5 either. The security is increased massively due to the lack of plugins required to begin playing the games.

So what does it mean moving forwards?

The first main change it has inspired is that developers are moving away from using Flash to create games. Because casino games live and die by the security that they provide, using Flash was always a slightly risky choice. This was mainly because the need for a plugin meant that there were security risks in place from the start. Because HTML 5 has removed this need it means that developers are choosing to use HTML 5 for the vast majority of game development in the future.

It also means that some games are able to debut as mobile first titles. This is because of the way the HTML 5 is compatible with a range of different platforms. There is no need to convert games from one platform to another, they will just instantly work as long as the browser has HTML 5 support. This is a massive move forwards giving casinos the ability to offer a much larger range of titles to players across all of its platforms.

Benefits of HTML 5

There are a lot of benefits associated with using HTML 5 for both software developers and players at Indian online casinos. The first main benefit is that it offers faster performance than previous Flash based titles. This allows for games to be played without any slowdown and gives developers the ability to create more complex and exciting games.

The ability to be compatible with a wider range of platforms without the need for conversion is also a massive plus point. On top of this the greater level of security that is offered is without a doubt the biggest plus point. It means that casino games are safer than they have ever been. Players can play without any worries. This is definitely the biggest driving force behind the iGaming industry choosing to move away from Flash and towards HTML 5.