Merkur games

Merkur games

Merkur has been on the market for longer than most other developers. Although it might not have as well known a name as NetEnt or Microgaming, it’s got almost 70 years under its belt at this point in time. It was formed in the 1950s and worked at creating slot machines. Obviously at that point in time slot machines weren’t the same as the video slots that we see today, but it created the slots for different land based casinos. In the modern world it has continued with this tradition, creating a range of top level video slots for different land based and online casinos. It got into the online casino world quite early on and has over 20 years of experience in this niche of the market.

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Top Merkur Games

1) Book of Romeo and Julia

2) Eye of Horus

3) Fruit Slots

4) Age of Machines

5) Queen’s Citadel


What Merkur is dedicated to is creating a visual style that is instantly recognisable as a Merkur game. What it does to help create this impression is use graphics that look realistic. This instantly helps to make the graphics stand out. On top of that it has high levels of colouring in place. This uses additional layers in order to try and create a visual texture.

It’s not just the initial drawing of the images that is impressive either. Merkur spends a lot of time working on the animations for its games. So movements have been animated in a way that matches up to the realism of the images. This ensures a smooth transition to every new scene in the game.

The fantastic graphics that are available in these titles really makes them an overall immersive experience.


Merkur uses some of the very best sound on the market in order to create a layered experience for players. Just like it has spent time trying to make the graphics of a very high standard, the sound has not been neglected. It ensures that the games have a very positive atmosphere for players to enjoy.

It makes for an overall excellent visual and auditory experience for players. Merkur might be one of the lesser known developers out there but it definitely has a reputation for high standards.

Merkur Games

Merkur has more experience than a lot of other developers on the market. Having been around since the 1950s it has been around and seen pretty much every possible trend take place. The ability to adapt and evolve is why Merkur has managed to stay around even as other companies enter the scene and attempt to overtake what the company offers. This is why it was able to pivot to the online world in the late 90s and early 2000s. This adaptability has allowed it to create a fantastic selection of different online casino games, with more than 200 video slots in its roster.

Slots are the main focus of what Merkur has to offer to players, with the major proportion of its games coming under this label. However, there are some different casino games offered by the company as well. It covers some table games, Roulette being the most common of this genre offered. In terms of progressive jackpot titles, this is an area where Merkur tends to avoid. It means it’s not able to offer prize levels at the same standard as certain other games.

It does make a fantastic selection of video slots and players are very well catered for by the overall roster that Merkur has to offer.

Merkur FAQ

  • Does Merkur offer live dealer casino games?

    At this moment in time, Merkur doesn’t offer players live dealer casino games. Part of the reason for this is that traditionally its business model revolved around slot titles. As such, this would be a big left turn compared to the games it has experience with. It would also have to set up a new studio which would require a large amount of investment to enter an already crowded market.

  • Does Merkur offer a free trial version of its titles?

    It depends on where you are playing the game. If you’re playing at an online casino then you will have the ability to play the titles in demo mode. This is because most online casinos offer the opportunity for players to try out games before playing for real money. However, if you’re playing in a brick and mortar casino then the only option is to play for real money. It means that if you want to try the game out before playing in a brick and mortar casino the best choice is to try it out online first.

  • Does Merkur have a regulatory license?

    Merkur has a number of regulatory licenses from some of the best regulators in Europe. This ensures that it’s a trustworthy company.