Microgaming are slightly different to other online casino software developers. They actually started out as an online casino and then moved back towards being a software developer. This is often the opposite way to how things work out. They’re currently the biggest name in the iGaming industry, but there are always other developers close on their heels. All Indian players will be aware of Microgaming either through their video slots or their progressive jackpot titles.

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Microgaming Overview

Microgaming holds the distinction of being the very first ever online casino operator. They were founded in 1994, when the internet was a much different place. In fact, very few people actually had access to the internet. After this they decided to pivot towards operating as a software developer. Since that change they have established themselves as the dominant force in video slots. This is evident from their wide range of different slot titles and progressive jackpots. Both of which are very popular with players.

Microgaming are also known for trying different steps in innovation over the years. They have created a number of different products that had never been around before they put them on the market.

Microgaming Main Focus

Microgaming are mainly focused on creating video slots. They had previously operated the Microgaming Poker Network, but as of 2019 they decided to close it down. This shifted their focus from equally on this and slots. It’s still a famous innovation that they put in place to ensure that players were able to play Poker online. It was the first of its kind and helped to bring online Poker to a wider audience, with Indian players especially enjoying what it had to offer.

The secondary focus of Microgaming is their progressive jackpot network. The Mega Moolah series of games are highly popular and allows players to grab wins that are much higher than what normal video slots have to offer.

Microgaming Most Popular Games

Microgaming have a huge list of games that are popular to players. This is because they were at the forefront of the industry when it was first starting out. Their video slots are known across the industry and gives players the opportunity to play some first rate titles. Some of their more popular games are listed below:

Micorgaming games

Lucky Leprechaun

Thunderstruck II

Tomb Raider

Gold Factory

It’s not just the video slots that Microgaming offer that make them such a popular provider. They also have a massively popular progressive jackpot network on offer as well. Without a doubt their most popular progressive jackpot title is Mega Moolah. The game regularly breaks the world record for highest online casino payout. This means that players can walk away from playing Mega Moolah with a life changing win in their pocket.

What Makes them Stand out?

A lot of what helps Microgaming to stand out is that they were the first to do a lot of things. They were the first to create an online casino. They were the first to set up a Poker network. They are currently working on being the first to offer Virtual Reality online casinos. This dedication to providing players with highly innovative products has been what’s helped to keep them at the top of the industry for over 25 years.

They also haven’t rested on their laurels. They keep pushing their subsidiary studios to provide new and exciting titles to players. The Virtual Reality casino titles is just one example of this. Although it has been released, it’s not become a mainstream offering in the same way that live dealer games have. It’s expected as the technology becomes cheaper and internet speeds continue to rise that VR casino games will be the next big leap in casino gaming. Microgaming working to make sure that they are once again the first company to innovate and drive the industry forwards.

Overall Conclusion

Microgaming are the top name in the industry for a reason. Every Indian casino player will be instantly aware of Microgaming. They have some of the most famous games on the market and offer players high quality titles. They’ve been running for more than 25 years and you can see all of the experience that they have developed in every title that they release.

What’s most telling about Microgaming is that they have given players a wide range of innovations over the years. Without Microgaming Indian players might never have had the opportunity to play Poker online, video slots might never have made the move into the mainstream and progressive jackpots might still be something that just the big brick and mortar casinos offered. Microgaming have been pushing for all of these developments and more. Their dedication to innovation is expected to continue over the next 25 years, especially with the advent of Virtual Reality technology.