Casino games on mobile devices

Casino games on mobile devices

Playing online has revolutionised the casino market for a great number of players. After online casinos first sprung up, which was almost as soon as the internet because available to the general public, it made it possible for players to play at a casino in ways that had never been possible before. This was further driven forwards when the introduction of online casinos to mobile devices happened. It meant that players could play at a casino no matter where they were and at any time. It changed the landscape for the online casino market and offered a brand new outlook for many Indian players. How did we manage to get to this point, where we could play online casino games whenever we like?

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Starting points

As mobile devices advanced in terms of quality, it soon became apparent that online casinos were willing to offer their services to players on mobile. This was most often in the form of a specific app at first. The first mobile browsers were unable to offer players what they needed in order to play the games. The app got around this by working as a specially created browser that was made to access the casino interface and play a selection of the games.

What the initial mobile online casinos offered was a very limited choice of games, with just some of the more simple options available, sometimes with features removed in order for them to run at a playable speed. While this was a serviceable method of play, it didn’t offer the full experience that some people wanted. It took some time for it to become possible, but over time the quality of mobile devices and the quality of the software that ran on them improved by a huge amount. This changed mobile casinos forever.

The new breed of smartphone

As smartphones improved at a rapid rate it meant that the standard of games that they could handle increased. This included online casino games. The software still wasn’t quite up to speed however. This changed with the introduction of HTML 5. This new method of creating websites meant that games could be created to play inside the website. This didn’t require any plugins and meant the game could load up in any browser. This included mobile browsers. It meant that right away games that were created in HTML 5 could be used on any platform.

This was a game changer for the mobile casino market as it meant new games would be able to be played on mobile devices almost as soon as they were released. More developers decided to create their new titles in HTML 5 which meant that new releases could be played right away on any platform. This in turn increased the popularity of online mobile casinos because players had a lot more choice than they had before. They were no longer limited by the games that had been specially converted, all games that were made in HTML 5 could be played upon release.

This has meant more and more developers are choosing to use HTML 5 to create their games. This has had the knock on effect of making mobile casinos more popular than ever.

So, what games are on offer at a mobile casino?

All of the games that you would expect to be available at a standard online casino. The main bulk of titles are made up of video slots. The sheer number of video slots that are being created using HTML 5 in the modern world is large. It’s not just because of the ease with which the games can be used on mobile devices, it’s also because the levels of security are a lot higher, due to the lack of plugins needed.Almost all video slots that are made now are created in HTML 5 and some developers have chosen to release their titles as mobile games before them being available on desktop platforms. This is the level of popularity that mobile games have right now.

It’s not just video slots that are offered to players now either. The traditional table games are also available. This means more than just standard card games, players can also play Roulette and video poker through their mobile devices. The full casino experience is really there for mobile players now. In fact, it’s been developed to such a level that players can enjoy live dealer games as well. Because HTML 5 allows for video streaming to be carried out as well as running applications, developers have been able to create versions of their live dealer titles that will work on mobile devices. While obviously the screens are smaller, there is no loss of quality and as long as your internet connection is fast enough you can enjoy the full live dealer experience through your mobile device.