Novomatic describes its history as relatively short. However, after being set up in 1980 it has still managed to put together 40 years of experience. This makes it one of the older companies on the market in the newer world of online casino gaming. It mainly focuses on creating video slots. It started out creating microprocessor units for video slot titles, which were the initial advancement on the original mechanical slot games. It stayed within the brick and mortar casino world before expanding into online casinos once they became more commonplace. This has allowed it to be a relatively strong name on this market and it is one of the bigger names in the European casino market.

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Top Novomatic Games

1) Dancing Tiger

2) Samurai Beauty

3) Money Ki Neko

4) Roaring Forties

5) Apollo God of the Sun


Novomatic tends to aim for a mixture in its graphical styles. The main games that it has available tend to be quite realistic in their style. This means that animals and people will be drawn to a high level, although with a higher level of colouring in order to help them to stand out. However, it does also offer a number of cartoon styled games which have much brighter colours in place.

The animations for Novomatic games are all done to an extremely high level. It means that every game is very smooth and looks fantastic on the reels. It makes the overall visual experience of playing a Novomatic game one of the best around.

The visuals for Novomatic games don’t tend to stand out in terms of recognising that the title comes from Novomatic. However, the games do look fantastic which makes sure that players are instantly drawn in by what they have to offer.


The sounds are a bit of a mixed bag with Novomatic. Some of the top games that the company has to offer have some absolutely fantastic sound. With custom music and sound effects created, it really does create an immersive atmosphere for players. However, the lesser known titles in its roster sometimes have generic music and sounds in place.

It means that if you’re playing a Novomatic game and it is one of the top releases from the company, you’re in for an audio treat. However, if it’s one of the lesser releases then it means the sounds won’t be quite as impressive.

Novomatic Games

Having been around since 1980, Novomatic has been there for the boom period of slot gaming. It means that players are treated to some of the most innovative games on the market in the Novomatic roster. It has managed to flawlessly shift from the older style video slots to more modern, feature rich titles. This is one of the reasons that the company has managed to retain its position as a top software provider for the casino market. It mainly focuses on slot titles, but this isn’t all that it offers. It also provides some table games which can be played both at brick and mortar sites and at online casinos. In terms of numbers it has over 350 different casino games to play.

The slot selection is what Novomatic tends to pride itself on mainly. While it has a table range, this is generally fewer than 10 games, although they are of a very high quality. There are almost 350 slot titles available to players in the Novomatic portfolio at the moment. A lot of these feature some innovations that Novomatic has created itself. As slots are the most popular form of casino games at the moment, it’s no surprise that players have access to such a large range of slot games from Novomatic at the moment.

This overall selection ensures that Novomatic remains as one of the top casino providers on the market.

Novomatic FAQ

  • Does Novomatic offer live dealer casino games?

    No it doesn’t. While Novomatic has dipped its toe in the world of table games slightly, it almost solely offers video slot titles to players. This is the main focus of the company and it doesn’t look as though it intends to change this approach any time soon.

  • Does Novomatic offer a free trial version of its titles?

    If you’re playing in a brick and mortar casino then no, Novomatic doesn’t offer free trials to players. However, when playing at an online casino there are often demo versions of games available to players. This means that if you want to try out a Novomatic game then you will have to do so at an online casino.

  • Does Novomatic have a regulatory license?

    As Novomatic is one of the most trusted developers in Europe, it’s not a shock that it holds regulatory licenses from a number of different regulators. This ensures that players are able to retain a level of trust when playing Novomatic games.