Playtech are one of the older software providers in the iGaming industry. Their name is one that should be familiar to most Indian casino players. This is because they have been providing games to the industry since it was originally created. Playtech are known for a wide range of different slot titles as well as having some of the best licences for their games. High quality and operating within legal regulators are the main areas of their business aims.

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Playtech Overview

Playtech has been around for over 20 years. After being formed in 1999, in Estonia, they started to make their moves towards becoming regulated so that they could operate legally within markets that had legislation in place. Their dedication to remaining within the boundaries of the law saw them leave the US market when online gambling was outlawed there. They have slowly started to make their way back into the market since the laws were relaxed within the territory.

Playtech have a large number of licences from different regulated markets which means that Indian players will have seen a selection of their titles at different online casinos.

Playtech Main Focus

The main focus of Playtech is to provide their products to areas that have a regulated market. Their games development is generally considered to be the main area that they focus on, but they have been known to stretch out into other areas as well. As such, they are one of the widest reaching software developers on the market. This means that Indian players will have seen their products, even if they weren’t totally aware that Playtech were the provider at the time.

Playtech also aim to merge with companies who operate within areas that they don’t themselves. This means that over the years they have brought in companies who were experts in specific areas of the iGaming industry in order to improve their own products. This includes, but isn’t limited to, games aggregation platforms, mobile developers, other games developers and sports betting providers.

All of this was carried out in order to improve the quality of Playtech products on the whole. It has allowed them to keep up with one of the fastest moving markets on the planet.

Playtech Most Popular Games

What’s most striking about Playtech titles is that their games often have big name licences attached to them. As such, they have some games that Indian players will recognise without even having played the game before. Some of their most popular titles are as follows:

Playtech games

Man of Steel

Space Invaders

Green Lantern

American Dad

As you can see these are all big licence titles that helps them to stand out on the market. It’s not just video slots that Playtech offers to Indian players though.

They also cover a number of other casino titles, including traditional table games. Blackjack, Poker and Roulette all come under the Playtech umbrella, but they do offer something a little bit different as well. Playtech have created titles that give players the chance to try out new forms of classic games. Tequila Poker is one such example of the new variations that they have created.

What Makes them Stand out?

Playtech stand out mostly because of their ability to keep evolving over time. They have never stood still and always aimed to improve what they offer to players. Because of this Playtech have managed to stay at the forefront of the iGaming industry throughout their history.

As well as this consistent evolution, they have also made sure that they are important at each stage of the iGaming process. So they have companies in their portfolio that handle front end development, back end development, casino platforms, game development, mobile development and the list goes on. All of this ensures that Playtech stand out as an important provider because they are able to carry out a step at every single junction when it comes to online casinos. It’s this reason why almost every single Indian casino player will have had some interaction with a Playtech title at some point in time.

Overall Conclusion

Playtech are mostly known for their game roster. With more than 500 titles on offer players have access to a huge library of games to play. This means that Indian players will mostly be aware of them through some of their games, most likely their licenced titles. However, they’re more than just a games developer.

Anyone who has anything to do with the online casino industry will be aware that there are a lot more steps involved than just loading a game up to a casino operator and then playing the game. There are a lot of steps in between. Playtech have built themselves a niche by being able to operate at any of these steps. It means that even if they’ve not developed a game themselves, they can still have an interest in it by offering their services to provide one of the other steps. It makes them important and one of the consistently biggest names on the market for the last 20 years.