SkillOnNet are slightly different to a lot of other casino software developers. Their main focus isn’t creating games for online casinos, which means to Indian players they might not be instantly recognisable. However, they are still an important company that has provided a lot of important work for the casino industry. Our SkillOnNet guide will inform you of everything that they do within the online casino world.

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SkillOnNet Overview

SkillOnNet are a relatively young company in the world of online casinos. They were founded in 2005 and so didn’t start developing until after online casinos had started to become popular. The company is based in Cyprus, they were formed there and have retained their status within the country. This is often a country that software development companies choose to reside in.

SkillOnNet started out by creating a Backgammon game which they then sold to online casinos. They have since moved onto a different focus, although they still retain an interest in game design.

SkillOnNet Main Focus

The main focus of SkillOnNet is that they create platforms for other software developers to use. This means that instead of spending most of their time and resources on creating their own games, they dedicate the majority of their time to helping other developers get their names out there.

They do this through the creation of a gaming platform. This allows other companies to quickly and easily offer their products to online casino operators. The platform essentially hosts the casino and then allows the operators to choose from the roster of games that are available through their platform. The roster is created through numerous partnership deals with other software developers.

The platform itself gives operators a website address, full casino management tools and the ability to gain access to the numerous regulatory licences that SkillOnNet offer. As such, any casino that uses SkillOnNet for their platform provider will have to comply with the regulatory legislations that are in place for whichever region that they choose to offer their services. The SkillOnNet platform also offer full CRM services. These are aimed at retaining players and giving casino operators the opportunity to create unique promotions.

SkillOnNet also have a games development division, which means that they also have their own games available on the platform. The company that they use to create their games is called Green Valley Games. They’re one of the biggest software companies on the whole through their software platform and through the game development company that they operate.

While the main focus of SkillOnNet is undoubtedly their platform, the development of their own games is still important. They have put out a huge number of video slots over the last decade as well as table games and even progressive jackpot titles.

SkillOnNet Most Popular Games

SkillOnNet games

Ninja Master

Steampunk Luck

Golden TV

Kiss the Sky: Climbing Slot

These are just a small selection of the different slot titles that SkillOnNet have available to Indian players. They also offer Millionaire Genie, which gives players the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.

On top of their slot offerings they also offer a massive range of different casino table games. Indian players can enjoy any kind of game that they like when playing SkillOnNet titles. This makes them one of the most varied and wide ranging games providers in the industry.

What Makes them Stand out?

What makes SkillOnNet stand out the most is their high quality casino platform. It gives casino operators the ability to offer a high quality casino without having to sign any deals themselves. This relates to both partnership agreements with software providers and gaining access to a regulatory licence.

This makes it much easier for casino operators to get up and running. The level of management that the platform software allows also means that it’s easy for operators to comply with all the legislations that the regulators have in place. As the licenses are all already in place when signing up, it means that operators have far less work to carry out when working with SkillOnNet to operate their casino.

Overall Conclusion

On the whole SkillOnNet are a software provider that most Indian casino players won’t have much knowledge of. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t have experienced what they offer. Because they provide casino platforms it means that lots of your favourite casinos could be managed by SkillOnNet platforms without you even knowing about it. Because of this, they are one of the most important software providers in the industry. It doesn’t end there with their platform services though.

SkillOnNet also offers players plenty of fun with their games development arm. Here Indian players can experience a large selection of video slot games as well as plenty of traditional casino table games. SkillOnNet are genuinely a casino game software developer who attempts to cover every aspect of the market.