Stakelogic games

Stakelogic games

Stakelogic is one of the newest software providers on the market. It was formed in 2014 as a collaboration between Greentube and Novomatic. What is impressive about Stakelogic is that it aims to create titles that use HTML5 technology. The aim of this is to generally provide players with full compatibility. This is because HTML5 can be used across a number of different platforms and doesn’t have to download any additional software. Stakelogic also has a great range of licenses in place that provides well known properties to players. It’s evident that it’s a more modern developer as it focuses on 3D graphics to try and provide players with some of the best looking titles on the market.

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Top Stakelogic Games

1) The Expendables Megaways

2) Wild Bounty

3) Book Of Adventure

4) Book of Cleopatra Super Stake Edition

5) Spartus


What’s most impressive about Stakelogic games is that they use high quality 3D graphics for the majority of titles. This ensures that they really stand out from the crowd. The quality of the graphics is absolutely fantastic and a lot of them really do look as though they could be on a modern console game. This is definitely an area where Stakelogic stands out from other games on the market.

Of course with 3D graphics comes fantastic animations. All of the graphics here are animated to move in an extremely natural way. It makes sure that the games don’t take players out of the moment when they’re being played.

When looking at the visuals in place for Stakelogic games it really does give players something excellent to look at.


The sounds for Stakelogic games are equally as high quality as the graphics. The different games have a range of different musical pieces created as well as customised sound effects. It’s a fantastic experience playing Stakelogic titles.

It means that players don’t get taken out of the moment when playing a Stakelogic game as the quality of the sounds matches up to the quality of the graphics.

Stakelogic Games

Stakelogic is far younger than a lot of other software developers in the online casino market. It doesn’t have the years of experience in place in terms of its own lifespan. However, what is important to understand is that it uses the combined experience of both Greentube and Novomatic as a base for its operation. This means that Stakelogic is certainly one of the more impressive software developers to come along in the last few years. Even though it hasn’t been around for a decade yet, Stakelogic has still managed to create more than 100 different high quality slots.

It’s a slot developer first and foremost and as such doesn’t offer any games that don’t fall under this category. Stakelogic is solely dedicated to creating the best video slots on the market. As it uses 3D graphics the titles often look better than most other titles on the market and it ensures that players are instantly drawn into what’s on offer. The gameplay also matches up to the quality of the games, which makes sure that trying Stakelogic games is an exciting experience.

The great range of different slot games that can be enjoyed at Stakelogic makes sure that players are well catered for. It ensures that players won’t be let down by the Stakelogic roster of games.

Stakelogic FAQ

  • Does Stakelogic offer live dealer casino games?

    No it doesn't, Stakelogic purely focuses on creating slot titles. As such it has no intention of developing live dealer titles in the near future. Part of the reason behind this is that Stakelogic is attempting to become a provider of high quality slots. So, if it attempted to work on live dealer titles as well then it would impact on how much time it could spend on creating top class slot games.

  • Does Stakelogic offer a free trial version of its titles?

    As Stakelogic is generally in place at online casinos, it does offer free trials for players to enjoy. This means that the demo versions of the game give players a demo account to play with. From here they will be able to try out the games without having to use real money. This is an excellent way to get used to the game without having to spend a lot of money. It can also be used to develop a bankroll management strategy, which can then be transposed into playing the game for real money at an online casino.

  • Does Stakelogic have a regulatory license?

    Stakelogic is fully regulated by both the UKGC and the MGA. As two of the biggest regulators on the market it’s a huge positive to see players able to trust Stakelogic. It’s not surprising that it has such high quality regulation in place as it was formed by two big names in the industry.