Furia in partnership with Betway

Furia in partnership with Betway

Global online gambling brand Betway has taken the next step in its growth by adding Brazilian esports company Furia and the products that come with it to its ever-expanding portfolio. 


A prominent name in the world of online gambling already, Betway has gone from strength to strength over the last decade and has steadily built a name for itself in both the sports betting and traditional gambling arena. 


This recent link-up will see an international collaboration between two synergistic entities that will provide customers with more choice and variety. For Furia, this represents a major coup in what is a growing market, though it will also allow the company to market themselves to enthusiasts in major growth regions such as South Africa, India, and Eastern Europe. 


With Betway now also having its own television channel; Betway TV, this also allows for cross-marketing opportunities as well. Before this announcement, Furia was previously partnered with Rivalry, which is a company that is based in Ontario, Canada; another significant growth region in the online gambling industry. One of the reasons for this alignment, which was announced in January 2020, was because Rivalry was looking to establish a foothold in the Latin American market. 


However, the link-up with major British brand Betway will help to take Furia to the next level, and using the global company’s platform, they can ease their way into the minds of online gamblers in territories where Betway already has a substantial amount of recognition. 


Head of online gambling at Betway Adam Savison is optimistic about this new partnership and eluded to the fact that the Brazilian esports market gives Betway a significant opportunity to continue to raise awareness about their brand while continuing to provide entertaining content to its customers.

Esports becoming a major part of online gambling

In recent years, the rise of esports is a strong indication that there is a major market for it in the online gambling industry and indeed, there is a major crossover between traditional online gambling fans and sports fans, with this providing almost a happy medium. 


As a result, Betway has a growing number of esports partnerships with suppliers around the world, with the company recognising the significance of having a product that continues to increase in popularity.


Co-CEO of Furia, Andre Akkari intimated that this new partnership with such a renowned global giant was a next-level initiative and that Betway’s reputation as a leader in the esports marketplace would only be a positive thing for the Brazilian company. 

What next for Furia?

This is undoubtedly the kind of springboard that such an exciting company like Furia needs in order to continue its ambitious growth plans into emerging online gambling markets. Already, the likes of India has shown a strong propensity for sports betting and as a result, the esports market is seen as somewhat of a natural progression.


When considering the amount of potential that the Indian market also has, the affiliation with Betway can help them to onboard other brands in these key territories. With potential future deals also a possibility, it is unlikely to be too much longer, before we see Furia products available in other countries such as New Zealand and also the rapidly growing US market as well.