Casino Paradise

Casino Paradise

Casino Paradise is located within the Hotel Neo Majestic in the Indian region of Goa (Inside Neo Majestic, Porvorim, Bardez, Near Azad Bhavan, Panaji, Goa 403521). What it does differently to other casinos in India is that it attempts to provide players with a casino experience that is separated from the hotel experience. It means that everything that’s on offer is self contained and is self run. This gives players some fantastic experiences in every aspect of the venue. It’s a five star hotel and a give star casino combined together. This means that visitors who just want to use the hotel facilities are able to avoid the casino section if they wish and casino players can avoid the hotel section if they wish.

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Who can play here

Anyone who is from outside of the Goa region and is over the age of 21 is able to play at Casino Paradise. It’s an electronic casino as opposed to a standard casino so it offers a much simpler environment. It also means that certain aspects such as dress code restrictions are relaxed at Casino Paradise.

What does the Casino Paradise offer to players?

Casino Paradise is the largest casino within the Goa region. The way that it is able to do this is by doing away with the traditional table that casino games are usually supplied at and using electronic machines for all of the games. It features all games that players would expect from a casino, but they are all in digital form. It covers more in 5,000 square feet than some casinos cover in 50,000 square feet.

Casino Paradise games

It’s not just the casino that’s on offer here though. The Neo Majestic is a five star hotel that features fantastic levels of entertainment for visitors. People are able to relax in the spa that’s on hand, work out at the gym or combine the two together at the pool. No matter what you want to do at the Neo Majestic it’s available. This ensures that people can have the best vacation available due to the sheer range of choice.

The room quality is also extremely high. Here the rooms are the epitome of luxury and make sure that all guests are well looked after and treated with the highest of respect.

The Neo Majestic also provides visitors with three different restaurants where food can be found. This means that every whim of guests is fully catered for at the Neo Majestic. If you want to grab a small bite there is a cafe available and there are two top class restaurants with different cuisines available as well. It’s all part of the overall five star service that Casino Paradise offers to people.

How are the staff at the Casino Paradise?

The Casino Paradise staff are extremely well trained. This goes for all of the staff at the Neo Majestic venue. It’s an excellent addition to the overall features that are available at Casino Paradise. You will get the best service possible at Casino Paradise and it really adds to the overall experience.

What is special about the Casino Paradise?

What makes Casino Paradise really stand out is that it has chosen to forgo the traditional casino table games. This means that it’s a slightly different experience to other casinos within India. However, it offers more games than anywhere else to make up for this. On top of this the hotel facilities are amongst the best in the world. You will struggle to find a better hotel than the Neo Majestic which means that when you make a visit to Casino Paradise you will be instantly taken aback at just how good all of the services are. It’s an overall five star experience that ensures that everyone who visits Casino Paradise will leave satisfied.

Should you visit the Casino Paradise?

Visiting Casino Paradise is definitely a positive choice. The only thing that might stop you from enjoying the visit is if you love traditional table games. Other than that it has absolutely everything anyone could want. It has fantastic leisure activities for when you don’t want to play at the casino and offers some of the finest dining that India has to offer. Make sure that your trip is a good one by visiting Casino Paradise.