Casino Pride Panaji

Casino Pride Panaji

Casino Pride (River Mandovi, Captain Of Ports Jetty, Panaji, Goa 403001)is another offshore floating casino that’s located in Goa. It’s one of the few contenders to the Deltin brand of casinos and attempts to offer a high quality service in order to compete properly. It is hugely popular, so much so that it had to open a second floating casino in order to cope with demand. Casino Pride is also one of the few casinos that will give you a voucher to play at the casino games as part of your entrance fee. It ensures that customers are well prepared to have a good evening and enjoy their time at one of the premier casinos.

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Who can play here

Players over the age of 21 and who do not reside within the Goa region are able to play at the Casino Pride. It offers a children’s play area so customers who do not have anywhere for their children to go will still be able to use the casino facilities. There is also a dress code in place, which places a limit on short sleeve t-shirts and footwear.

What does the Casino Pride Panaji offer to players?

The casino games that are available at the Casino Pride are superb. There are a wide range of different games available to players including everything from traditional casino table games to more modern video slots. This means that every kind of casino player is covered when visiting the Casino Pride and they will be able to enjoy themselves in any manner that they like. Players are also given a voucher to exchange for playing tokens when entering the casino, this means that part of the entrance fee is given back as credit for the casino games. It’s not just the casino games that makes Casino Pride so impressive though, it offers a lot more besides.

There are two hours of entertainment every evening at the Casino Pride. This allows players to take a step back from the casino games and relax enjoying some of the high class shows that the casino puts on. So between 9 and 11 every night casino players are able to just simply relax and watch some of the world class entertainment that’s available.

Casino Panaji Pride

As part of the entrance fee all customers are given access to the buffet at the Casino Pride. This has no additional charge in place and means that people can eat as much or as little as they like. There are a good range of different foods available meaning that anyone can eat whatever they like when at the Casino Pride.

In addition to all of the other benefits that the entrance fee provides players also get free house drinks from the bar. This also extends to snacks as well. So all of the sustenance requirements of players are completely covered by Casino Pride. It means players are given everything they might need when entering the casino from high quality casino games to top class food and childcare.

How are the staff at the Casino Pride?

The Casino Pride staff are some of the most eager to please staff you will find anywhere. From the moment you enter until the moment that you leave you’re treated with the utmost respect and given high class service.

What is special about the Casino Pride?

Casino Pride attempts to bring together everything that you could ever want from a casino. It offers vouchers to play as part of the entrance fee, which is very rare at Indian land based casinos, childcare, free food and drinks, and even the opportunity to take in a high quality show. No matter what you want from your casino experience, Casino Pride is attempting to offer it to you. On top of all of this it also takes place on a ship which gives you access to some incredible views which all add to the overall experience.

Should you visit the Casino Pride?

A trip to Casino Pride is definitely one of the best choices you can make if you’re on vacation in the Goa area of India. It offers everything that a casino lover would want as well as more on top. If you love playing casino games then the Casino Pride Panaji is definitely one of the places you should check out.