Deltin Jaqk Casino

Deltin Jaqk Casino

The Deltin Jaqk is one of the most popular offshore casinos in India. It’s smaller than the sister ship, the Royale, but it still has plenty to offer visitors. The ship comes under the Goa region and players can visit it either by taking a ferry ride or a helicopter ride, which will result in landing on the helipad on the ship’s deck (Noah's Ark, RND Jetty, Dayanand Bandodkar Road, Panaji, Goa 403001). The casino has plenty to offer visitors and even includes a children’s area so that visitors don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after their little ones when they make a trip to the Deltin Jaqk.

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Who can play here

Anyone over the legal gambling age and who isn’t a resident of Goa can play at the Jaqk. However, children can come onboard as there is a children’s area available. This area is excellent for younger children, but older children may find themselves bored very quickly, so if you have teenagers it might be best to find other entertainment for them.

What does the Deltin Jaqk offer to players?

As long as you’re over the age of 21 and dressed according to the dress code then you can enjoy the casino floor on the Jaqk. There are more than 300 places for players to enjoy casino gaming which includes everything from video slots to table games. There are also progressive jackpot titles on offer to players.

There are also places for you to relax at Deltin Jaqk. Anyone who has paid the entry fee for the casino will be able to relax in the Aqua Bar. While the entry fee might seem a lot at first, when you realise that it comes with free house drinks at the bar then it soon becomes a much better deal. This is a great place to relax in between playing some games, it also allows you to relax in a much more chilled out environment when you want to let off a little steam.

Deltin Jaqk casino

The Jaqk doesn’t offer as much entertainment to visitors in the same way that the Royale does, this is a slight let down. There are shows every night though, just not quite to the same standard. However, the free drinks in the Aqua Bar do go some way to making up for this. While there is no accommodation included at the Jaqk there is the opportunity to stay at the nearby Deltin hotel as part of your package.

The food options are superb on the Deltin Jaqk. The Vegas Restaurant will give customers the opportunity to enjoy a huge range of different foods and they are all included with the price of entry. The meal will also allow you to sit and enjoy your food while the entertainment is being carried out each evening. On the whole it means the overall experience at the Deltin Jaqk is top class.

How are the staff on the Deltin Jaqk?

The staff are extremely well trained, polite and dedicated to providing excellent service. You will have no issues with the staff and they always attempt to solve any issues quickly. The service is top class and certainly lives up to the reputation of the ship.

What is special about the Deltin Jaqk?

The Jaqk is a smaller ship than the Royale, but it doesn’t provide a smaller experience in terms of quality. Sure, there is a little less quantity on the Jaqk, but what there is has been crafted to perfection. The whole aim of the Jaqk is to provide customers with the best possible service from the very start. This is on display with the excellent restaurant, free bar and good range of different casino games to play. The ability to land on the helipad is also a really nice touch that helps to make sure that the Deltin Jaqk gives customers a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Should you visit the Deltin Jaqk?

A trip to the Deltin Jaqk is definitely a good choice. It offers a slightly smaller experience than the Royale in terms of quantity, but the quality on the Jaqk is beyond reproach. You’ll thank yourself for visiting due to the fantastic food, superb entertainment and great bar. That the casino games are so good is just the icing on the cake.