Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino

The Deltin Royale (Fisheries Jetty, Fisheries Building, D. Bandodkar Road, Panaji, Goa 403001) is the largest offshore casino in India. It’s located on a cruise ship and manages to cover over 40,000 square feet altogether. It’s located in Goa, which is the state that has the most casinos in all of India. It’s a massively popular casino and is advertised to players almost from the moment that you land in the country. We have put together a handy guide that will tell you everything you need to know about one of the biggest and most popular casinos in all of India.

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Who can play here

There are only two rules in place when it comes to entering the Deltin Royale Casino. Players must be over the minimum age to enter and they cannot be a resident of Goa. As long as these two milestones are achieved then customers can come in and enjoy themselves straight away.

What does the Deltin Royale offer to players?

The Deltin Royale has a huge casino floor that is spread out across five levels. There are almost 1,000 different stations that you can visit in order to play casino games. This means that the range of choice on offer to players is huge. There is everything from video slots to table games on offer giving all casino players something that they will enjoy.

It’s not just casino games that are available at the Deltin Royale either. Players who want to just sit and take in the gorgeous sites can relax on the top deck enjoying the Sky Bar. This will offer the incredible scenery that the cruise ship offers while also providing some high class drinks to help people take it all in. For people who enjoy relaxing in between games this is a fantastic feature that really helps the Deltin Royale to stand out.

Deltin Royale casino games

There are also regular shows available at the Deltin Royale as well. This comes in the form of top class entertainment such as stand up comedy, musical acts and floor shows. On the whole the Deltin Royale offers incredible entertainment that will grab the attention of anyone in between casino games. In fact the entertainment that’s on offer is on a par with any other show in the world. If you want to enjoy yourself in a variety of ways then the Deltin Royale is one of the top casinos on the planet.

There are also a large selection of different ways to eat at the Deltin Royale. While most casinos tend to offer a buffet service, the Deltin Royale complements its buffet with an a la carte menu, live cooking stations and some of the top liquor that you can find. It makes for a five star dining experience that is perfect to cleanse the pallet in between enjoying the various forms of entertainment that are on offer. While most land based casinos tend to be located inside a five star hotel, the Deltin Royale is certainly located within a five star cruise ship.

How are the staff on the Deltin Royale?

The staff are highly trained and extremely polite. As soon as you enter you are treated like royalty and the staff do their absolute best in order to provide customers with the best service possible.

What is special about the Deltin Royale?

The most obvious speciality the Deltin Royale offers is that it’s located on a cruise ship. This instantly gives it an aura and mystique that few other casinos can live up to. It almost feels as though you are taking part in a Hollywood movie when you first venture onto the ship to play. That it manages to pack so much into the area that it has is also highly impressive. It offers as much as any other casino within India, but does it on a cruise ship. If you want to feel as though you’re living the high life, then a trip on the Deltin Royale is a great first step to doing so.

Should you visit the Deltin Royale?

The only reason you shouldn’t visit the Deltin Royale is if you get seasick. It has a fantastic range of games to play, high quality food and world class entertainment. It has everything that you could ever want from a top level casino. When you’re in Goa, it should be almost compulsory to visit the Deltin Royale.