Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is a hugely popular casino card game. It’s especially popular with Indian players, partly because it has its origins in this area. It is actually the most popular card game in India and is often called Indian Poker. This is definitely a fair name to give it as it is very similar to Poker in a number of different ways. However, there are variations of the game out there which can make it even more interesting. Here are our favourite versions of the game which you might want to try out.

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Standard Teen Patti

On the off chance that you’re not familiar with standard Teen Patti then we will just quickly go over the standard version of the game. It’s for up to 10 players at a time with each player being dealt 3 cards. Although when playing at a table the game will have the cards dealt face down, when playing online players are able to see their hand right away.

Once the hands have been dealt everyone turns over their cards and the payouts are made. Depending on the version you are playing online this may vary in how it works. If you are playing against other players then whoever has the best hand will win the pot. As Teen Patti is 3 cards then the best possible hand is 3 of a kind. However, there is also a version that is similar to video poker that sees the player compete against the computer dealer to get the best possible hand. This is just a one against one duel and awards payouts based on the quality of hand that the player can get.

This is the standard version and is very simple to understand. However, there are some absolutely fantastic variations out there that provide a lot more depth to Teen Patti.

Joker Teen Patti

Standard Teen Patti is played with a deck of cards. Joker Teen Patti is played with the same deck but it has an added twist. Once the hands have been dealt out to all of the players the dealer will deal one final card into the middle of the table. This card will be the wild card. What it means is that any card that has the same value as the wild card will act wild within the player’s hand.

So, if a player has a hand made up of two 2s and a wild card, this will count as three of a kind and be the strongest hand. It makes things much more interesting and provides another layer to the game overall. It also means that players can potentially create impressive hands through the use of wild cards.


This is one of the most fun variations of Teen Patti that’s available. It is perfect for players who are generally not too good. This is because Muflis is a variation of Teen Patti that rewards players who get bad hands. So, on every single hand whoever has the worst hand will be the winner. It’s not as common as other versions of Teen Patti so you may have to look hard to find it. However, if you find yourself losing quite often then this is definitely the version of the game you want to look out for.

Lowest Card Joker

This is one of the most fun and interesting variants of Teen Patti that there is. Basically, every player who plays will have a joker card. On every hand the lowest card that each player has becomes a joker for them. So, the worst possible hand that’s available is two of a kind. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

If a player is lucky enough to get two of a kind and these cards are the lowest value cards in their hand then both of these cards will become jokers. It means that their hand will instantly be upgraded to three of a kind and be a winning hand. This version of the game definitely provides a lot of fun to players and can be one of the most interesting versions out there.

Playing online means that you don’t have to work out what your hand is going to be each round, it will do it automatically for you. This does make it slightly easier to play. It doesn’t make it any less fun though and this is a great way to play Teen Patti.


Don’t worry, this doesn’t have anything to do with automatic weapons. It’s all based around the Ace, the King, the 4 and the 7. Whenever these cards appear in your hand they will act as wild cards. It means that if you get all three in your hand at the same time it is an automatic three of a kind. It allows players the chance to create some really good hands due to the high number of wild cards that are in the deck.

King Little

This is another wild card version of Teen Patti. Here the smallest card in every hand is wild and the king is wild. So it means that players are guaranteed at least one wild card in their hand, but also have the possibility of having multiple wild cards. This can help for some fantastic hands to be made which makes it fast paced and a lot of fun. It also means that players have to keep an eye of what is going on as they could have a hand full of wild cards which is obviously a guaranteed three of a kind.