How to Block Online Casinos

How to Block Online Casinos

With online casinos having huge levels of popularity with players at the moment, it’s not a shock that some people take things a little bit too far. Problem gambling can jump out at anyone. This is because the fantastic prizes that are available to players at online casinos can quickly become something that players aim for. This means that they will do anything to try and get hold of that big prize. Unfortunately, this can often lead to them losing more money than the prize was worth in the first place. This comes from players being unable to adequately control their impulses in relation to gambling.

When this is the case one of the best things that players can do for themselves is to exclude themselves from playing at online casinos. Blocking sites is an excellent way to avoid online casinos. This is perfect for players who are unable to resist the urges to gamble as it cuts them off at the source. They might not be able to resist gambling, but with the sites blocked it means that they aren’t able to visit the sites that allow them to gamble. We’ve taken a close look at what this is and how to do it.

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What is Blocking Online Casinos?

Essentially, blocking an online casino means that your account will no longer work at that site. It puts a block on the account and stops players from logging in. This means that it’s not just a case of them being unable to play the games at the site, they won’t even be able to log into the site in the first place. This means that everything from making a deposit to making a withdrawal will be impossible to do. It’s an important first step when it comes to dealing with problem gambling issues.

How to Block Casinos

There are a number of different things that you will need to look into first. The first one is understanding if you want to place a temporary block or a permanent one. A temporary block is exactly what the name suggests. It will only be in place for a certain amount of time, usually around the 6 month mark. This is usually used to give players the opportunity to deal with their issues and come back to gambling if they feel comfortable in the future.

If someone feels like they’re never going to be able to have a healthy relationship with gambling, then a permanent block can also be carried out. This will allow players to block their account forever and they’ll never have the opportunity to play there again.

It’s also important to look into making sure that all online casinos are aware of your decision to block your account. If your personal details aren’t instantly blocked at casinos across the country then it will be easy for you to just go to another casino and open another account. As such, make sure to enter into any scheme that allows this to be carried out.

Of course, even if you have blocked your account it doesn’t mean that you are completely cured and out of the woods.

Getting Help

It’s not just a case of blocking your accounts. Because, in all honesty, even with your accounts blocked there are ways to get around it. We’re not going to mention them here because it could give people ideas, but rest assured if you really want to gamble, then you will do it.

This is why it’s important to get help from professionals to make your chances of getting over any problem gambling issues a lot higher. This can be through therapy, online courses and other resources that are provided by gambling charities. It doesn’t even have to be an Indian gambling charity, there are charities all over the world that offer players the ability to get a better relationship with gambling. If you attempt to get the help you need then it will make your chances of success a lot higher.

Software Improvements

Something that is starting to be developed at the moment is software that can tell when someone is starting to develop a gambling problem. It will look into the habits that are being shown and from there it will offer help in real time. It’s obviously in very early stages of development but once it is released it will offer a lot of help to lots of different players who are struggling with problem gambling.

This will spot warning signs such as higher than usual deposits and more erratic betting patterns. It can then put in place an instant block without the player having to do it manually. On top of that it could also attempt to organise help for the player. Because it is able to detect issues early this will give players a much better chance to deal with their problems in the long term, rather than compounding their issues by carrying on playing before they notice that they have a problem themselves.