Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is one of the most crippling issues to deal with. It can lead to alienating friends and family, costing yourself all of your money and even resorting to crime. This is why the gambling industry has been spending a lot of time and money over the last few years in order to offer help to people who either are already dealing with gambling addiction or might be on their way to struggling with it. Because it’s such an important issue in the world we’ve put together a guide for Indian players to make sure that they are able to spot the warning signs for having a problem and then how to get help to stop it getting out of control.

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Spotting the warning signs

It’s important to spot the signs in yourself when it comes to having a gambling problem. There are a lot of signs that may seem small at first but can soon develop into much more important problems. The first major sign is when you begin to take bigger and bigger risks and find enjoyment from this. If your enjoyment can only be continued if the size of your risks increases then this is one of the first steps towards a gambling problem. It means that you will continue to increase the size of the risks that you take and before long you will be taking risks that you cannot afford.

Chasing losses is another warning sign that could be the start of a problem. If you find yourself regularly making bets to try and chase your losses then this could be a sign that you are spiralling into a gambling problem. This is also linked to feeling guilty after placing the wager with the feelings of guilt intensifying if the bet doesn’t win.

If you see yourself with any of these warning signs then you could be on the road to having a gambling problem. It’s important to take some time out and stop gambling in order to give yourself the opportunity to get away from the habit before it develops into something more serious. Be sure never to gamble online when you did not reach the minimum age of 21.

If you already have a gambling problem

There might be people out there who already have a gambling problem but are either unable to spot it or unwilling to admit it. The signs that your problem is already spiralling out of control are much more obvious than the first signs of a problem. Here are some of the signs, but remember this isn’t all of the signs and there are many more things out there that could signify that you have a gambling addiction problem.

The first main one is if you spent your days thinking about gambling. If you are focusing the time when you’re not gambling on gambling, then that is a very good sign that you have a problem. This means that gambling is dominating your life and is no longer a fun pastime, it’s become the most important thing to you and is not healthy anymore.

Another sign is if you use gambling as a way to escape from other problems in your life. So if you’re not happy at home, at work or suffering from depression and use gambling as a way to escape then this is definitely a sign that you have a problem with gambling.

Finally, if you begin to borrow money from people or even resort to stealing money then it goes without saying that you are suffering from a gambling addiction problem. This is the most desperate state that many people get to when they are suffering from a gambling addiction.

If you are suffering from any of these issues then it’s important that you both admit it to yourself, but also take steps to try and get help. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways that you can get help if you are suffering from a gambling addiction in India.

Getting the help you need

The first step is obviously admitting to yourself that you have a problem. Once you’ve been able to do this then you will find it easier to take the next steps required to stop the problem taking over your life. Before you do anything, you should close down your gambling account so that you don’t have the temptation to start gambling there in front of you. Beside of that you can also block online casinos in general.

Once you have carried out this task then it’s time to tell your friends and family. As soon as they are aware of the situation they will be able to provide you with the support to get through your issues.

It’s also important to get help from one of the many addiction centres that are available in India. These will be able to provide you with targeted support that will ensure that you can come out on the other side. There are a wide range of different companies that offer this support and on top of that there is also support available through online casinos.