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Close account

Closing your online gambling account isn’t as easy as you might think. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to do it and because of this it’s important to know how to carry out the process. Before we get into how to close your online gambling account, it’s important to look at the reasons why you might want to do it.

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You’re constantly losing money

If you’re never lucky and always seem to struggle to grab a win then your online gambling account might be causing you more stress than it does fun. If this starts to become a trend then you might feel that it’s time to stop playing. This is one of the lesser reasons to close your account, especially if you are playing within your means and not overstretching yourself.

You’re starting to feel as though gambling is taking over your life

This is a much more serious issue. If you feel that gambling is consuming all of your thoughts and time then there is a good chance that you have a gambling problem. If this is the case then closing your account is the best choice for you to make. This can be carried out in two main ways.

If you definitely have a fully fledged gambling problem

In this case then it’s definitely for the best for you to choose to close your account and then keep yourself away from gambling. Finding out how to do this is the best choice for you as well as enrolling in a scheme that will help you to get past your problems.

Closing your account

If you’re not having a good time gambling then you can go through the process to close your account. It takes a little bit of effort to carry out, but it’s not that difficult. The first thing you need to do is get in touch with your gambling provider. Once you’ve done this then you can tell them that you want to close your account. There will then be a short cooling off period where the account will still be active and you can cancel the closure if you like. Once you’ve closed your account you will be given any money that is still left in the account. If you decide that you want to start playing again then you can get back in touch and open your account again, or open an account with a different provider.

Self exclusion

This is to be used if you feel like you’re on your way to having a gambling problem. This is a process that you can carry out in order to become excluded from using the gambling facilities with your chosen operator. It’s a voluntary process and doesn’t require you to do anything that will impact your life in a negative way. When you have chosen to self exclude you will automatically have your account closed for a specific period of time. This is usually six months. The operator will also return the funds that remain in your account. While it’s not fully in place yet, there are also measures currently being worked out that will stop you from signing up to other online casinos and gambling services for the duration of your self exclusion. This means that you won’t be able to just go and sign up to another service, you will genuinely have to wait for the entire time before you can start betting again. This will allow you the time to get over any issues you might be having and then if you want to try again at the end of the period then you will be able to if you wish.

Permanent self exclusion

If you feel like your issues will never be solved then a permanent self exclusion will allow you to close your account and then never be able to open another account. This is a similar process to the standard self exclusion but you just have to specify that you want it to be forever. Once this has been completed then you will be unable to open another account with that gambling service provider. In the near future this will also mean that you’re unable to sign up to any other gambling providers as well. Once the technology is in place to link the self exclusion database to all online casinos it will be enforced on any casino that has a licence from the UKGC.

Make sure that you get help

If you do have a gambling problem it’s important to get the help you need. Don’t just close your account and leave it at that. Get professional help in order to find out what the underlying problem is. This will make sure that your issues don’t manifest themselves in a different way.